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The Nintendo Switch Lite is arriving

Nintendo Switch Lite

The 20th September of the 2019 is arriving the new Nintendo Switch Lite, the last arrived in Nintendo, which goes to enlarge the Switch family, with a portable console thought for the gamers always in movement.

A little sister

It might seem a really reckless choice proposing a portable model of a console that is already extremely versatile, thought to be used inside and outside home. However the Nintendo Switch Lite, the little sister of the Switch has its own charme. It will be right its reduced size that will let us following in love with it at first sight.

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

The one that seemed a passed trend is something that, in reality, is still catching us uncontrollably: small is beautiful and elegant. The Nintendo Switch Lite has a 5,5 inches screen and the controls integrated in an unique compact console which stays in a hand, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t playable.

Here you have that next to the already known name Nintendo Switch of the japanese company they added the “Lite”, by dusting off old timers of the past, like the DS Lite.

The small Switch Lite

Already by seeing it the Nintendo Switch Lite seems a baby console, but by taking it in our hands the first thing that we will notice is the incredible lightness. The new arrived, infact, weights only 275 grams, unlike the bigger sister which arrives to almost 400 grams.

Nintendo Switch Lite
The portable Nintendo Switch is arriving

The compact format, the reduced sizes and the incredible lightness makes it an almost pocket console, even if, surely we will be overwhelmed by the attractive covers with videogames textures, exactly like it was for the classic version of the Switch.

Finally, the pastel colours, three soft shades on the tones of yellow, grey and blue, makes it even more elegant and gentle.

The differences with the Switch

Unlike the Switch the Switch Lite can’t be connected to the television. The console, infact, has been exclusively thought for the gamers which spend most of the time away from home. It allows them to bring with them a compact and light console, surely more handy than the bigger sister, if the intention is the one to never connect it to the home television.

Nintendo Switch Lite
The differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite

We prompty understand that the Switch Lite is a strong and solid console, which stands out in the marketplace right for the constructive quality. It seems right that Nintendo would like to gain again the faith of the really loyal fans of one of the most successful console by Nintendo: the 3DS.

What makes it different from the Nintendo Switch and that crowned it a handheld console with flying colours are substantially three elements:

  • The USB-C door, which is on the console, doesn’t transmit video stream. Every attempt to connect it to the tv is so useless.
  • It’s missed the support to keep it vertically, which there is, instead, on the Switch. But even this element won’t be usefull, due that the joycons of the switch lite doesn’t come off and that to play is essential to keep the console with the hands.
  • Finally, like we already said, the joy-cons don’t come off from the console’s body, which, instead, made the Switch extremely versatile, but less handy.

The launch of the Switch Lite

The differences between Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite are much more. The bottons are lightly more rounded, but the difference isn’t so important to be felt. The differences on the screen aren’t so clear too. Unless the difference of inches, which go from the 6,2 to the 5,5, the quality doens’t seem decreased.

A last note is about the battery which promises to last a bit more compared to the one of the Switch, right to emphatize its nature portable.

It’s clear anyway that the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t want to replace the Switch, which remains without any doubt the “top of the line” of Nintendo. The little sister makes us curious. It’s missed only few days before it arrives on the marketplace. The 20th of September we will finally know what the loyal Nintendo players think about it.

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