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Virtual reality according to Nintendo

In the videogames’ world Nintendo has since always a special place, with its unique way to approach the big audience, which is totally different than the other big consolles. Maybe it’s less accustomed to the hyper realism and much more to the fantasy, but it has however the wish to jump into the really last technologies. The most incredible technology of the last years in the videogames’ world is, without any doubt, the virtual reality. How is the virtual reality according to Nintendo?

Nintendo Labo – Kit VR

We already talk about Nintendo Labo, carboard’s structures that create a bridge between the real world and the hand made objects and the virtual world of the last Nintendo consolle, the Switch. With the arrive of the last kit Nintendo wants to jump into the virtual reality’s world.

The Nintendo Labo – Kit VR arrived in the shops the last 12 of April and it allows to build our own cardboard viewer and to life amazing new adventures in the virtual reality.

Nintendo Labo - kit VR
Let’s build your viewer with Nintendo Labo

The project remembers us the one of the Google’s Cardboard, which allowed to transform every smartphone in a viewer, with the help of just a cardboard. Maybe it won’t seem a big technology, especially now that the viewers for the virtual reality and the augmented reality are taking off, however the concept of Nintendo Labo is exactly this one: make extraordinary even just a piece of cardboard.

The Nintendo Labo – Kit VR is the fourth kit, before of it there were the kits Variety, Robot and Vehicle. Unlike the other viewers, the one proposed by Nintendo is easy and interactive, with the purpose to get closer to the virtual reality not only the passionated, but even children and families.

The Toy-Con and the viewer

In the kit there will be a Toy-Con viewer to implement with other five Toy-Cons:

  • The blaster Toy-Con;
  • The camera Toy-Con;
  • The bird Toy-Con;
  • The wind pedal Toy-Con;
  • The elephant Toy-Con.

The last four will be available on two different expansion sets.

Nintendo Labo - kit VR: five toy-con
Five different Toy-Con to live the virtual reality

The basic kit, with the Toy-Con viewer and the Toy-Con Blaster, has even the software for Nintendo Switch, that will allow us to access to the Nintendo virtual plaza, with up to 60 games in virtual reality. We could, for example, explore sea bottoms and shot pictures to the water creatures or we could fight an alien invasion. But not only, soon the virtual reality will be implemented in two of the most famous and loved games signed by Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Nintendo Labo - kit VR
Let’s fight an alien invasion with the Nintendo viewer

The cardboard viewer will allow us to insert the consolle switch, straight on it, by putting it on the face. The remaining duties will be up to the software and to the dedicated lens.

Super Mario and Zelda

It passed just a week since the release of the new kit Nintendo Labo, but all the Nintendo fans are waiting another important date: the 25th of April 2019. In few days, infact, we could use the viewer to play Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild
The virtual reality in The Legend of Zelda

In Super Mario Odyssey there will be three worlds, fully playable in virtual reality, the Cap Kingdom, the Seaside and the Luncheon Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda is already an unique experience, but if lived with the viewer it takes a whole other aspect. “Enjoy this epic adventure like never before. The vast kingdom of Hyrule awaits”.

Nintendo and virtual reality

Nintendo officially opens the doors to the virtual reality! Who knows how much it already has to offer. By the way it isn’t the first time that the Nintendo tries to approach it. The first time was back in the 1995, with Virtual Boy. Maybe it was too early, and the consolle was a flop. The production finished the following year.

But this is a whole other hystorical period for the videogames’ world and no one can remain backforward under the technological point of view, obviusly without loosing its softer and much more animated nature.

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