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The Legend of Zelda is turning 35

Let's talk again about a special anniversary. Let's enter one more time inside the world of Nintendo, the one that followed more than one generation of videoplayers. This time the birthday is the one of The Legend of Zelda. The last 21st of…

The news announced to the E3 2019

It's just ended the most awaited event by the videogamers of the whole world: the E3, the fair that every year in Los Angeles announces the videogames coming during the year. All the big producers of videogames and consoles are going to let…

Game Boy celebrated 30 years

The 21st of April of the 1989 was released for the first time the Game Boy, the portable console that accompained at least two generations and that became unforgettable. 30 years after its release how did it change? What happened during…