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Huawei presents the Mate 40 Pro

Mate 40 Pro

The last 22nd of october Huawei presented its new top smartphone: the Mate 40 Pro. Huawei is in bad waters, we all know it, because of the controversy with the United States, as much as that the Mate 40 Pro risks to be the last big jewel of the chinese colossus. But this doesn’t mean nothing for the new model, which is anyway a great product. 

The presentation of the Mate 40 Pro

The presentation took place, like we said, the last 22nd of october and it ended with the animation of an eclipse of sun on the screen of the smartphone itself.

Mate 40 Pro
Huawei presents the Mate 40 Pro

To an expert eye (or to a plotter one) the why appears clear. The sun eclipse is the metaphor of the hard situation that is facing the chinese company. The obscured sun is Huawei, which under the celestial body more active than ever. And the celestial body is, obviusly, the United States of America. But don’t worry because right when the United States Celestial Body will pass by the sun of Huawei will come back to shin more radiant than ever. 

This ongoing eclipse, by the way, brings with it many problems. On the new smartphone, infact, there won’t be the Google services, but the Petal ones, could they be ok for the western consumers?

Furthermore, this smartphone might be the last one to have a chip exclusivelly made by Huawei, in this case the Kirin 9000. Without the american electronic components supply the future is unsure for the chinese company. 

The design

If we must say at a first sight how the Mate 40 Pro appears only one thing comes in our mind: it is big and heavy!

For many, so, this kind of smartphone can’t be useless and unhandly, but there is a range of consumers that loves the big phones. The most big it is the better it is!

Mate 40 Pro
The new Mate 40 Pro is available in the colours Black and Mystic Silver

The Mate 40 Pro weights 212 grams and it has an OLED screen of 6,7 inches. By the way it appears clear and elegant in its shape. 

On the back side it catches our attention the central and round camera. Then there is still the hallmark of the Huawei devices, which is the Horizon Display, with the curved sides at 88°.

Technical characteristics

For the first, and maybe last, time, Huawei put its processor HiSilicon Kirin 9000, octa core 3,13 GHz, with GPU Mali G78 MP24 and 8 GB of Ram, inside its smartphone.

We then have 256 GB of internal memory, which is expandible, and DualSim support with compatibility for the eSims.

The Mate 40 Pro supports the 5G, the WiFi 6 and the Bluetooth 5.2. The battery has 4400 mAh, with quick charge supported up to 65W with cable and 55W in wireless mode.

Finally, it has Android 10 and the graphical interface EMUI 11. It has the function Always On on the screen, which can be activate with the face and, obviusly, the face recognition. 

The big new of this last smartphone of Huawei is the HuaweiServices, that replaces all the services “denied” to the chinese company. Between them, right, there is the AppGallery, where there are the applications available. 

The camera of the Mate 40 Pro

Let’s now talk about the photographic section of the new Mate 40 Pro. Like we previously mentioned the external photographic sector is round shaped and in the middle of the back side. It has three cameras: the main one of 50MP, the wide angle lens of 20MP and the zoom of 12MP.

Mate 40 Pro
The camera of the Mate 40 Pro is round shaped and in the middle of the back side

In the frontal side, instead, there is a camera of 13MP. The autofocus is great and it activates when we get close to the subject. Even the videos are great: it can record in 4K at 60fps or in Full HD.

Price and offerts

The Mate 40 Pro is available in pre-order on the store of Huawei, on Amazon and inside the electronic shops and it is available in the colours Black and Mystic Silver. The smartphone takes place in the premium range for the price, even if according to many it is too high. It costs, infact, 1249€.

If we pre-order it before the 15th of November, though, we will have a discount of 30€ and we will receive the Huawei FreeBuds Pro (that they cost 179€ by themselves), six months of  Huawei Music for free, three months of Huawei video and 50GB of space on Huawei Cloud.

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