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Reno4, the smartwatch and the other news by Oppo

The family Reno4 and the smartwatch

It’s been still a few days and Oppo will launch on the marketplace three new devices, between which the new Reno4 and a smartwatch.

The new smartphones of the Reno4 family

There will be three new smartphones that Oppo will show starting from the 15th of october, they will be all equipped with the 5G and they will take place in a medium range of price. Infact between Apple and Samsung the marketplace of the high range is extremely competitive. So Oppo proposes its new smartphones starting from 400 euros.

The three models are Reno4 Z, Reno4 and Reno4 Pro that, even by taking the place between the luxury models, it doesn’t pass the 800 euros. Probably Oppo is too smart, the pandemic put in crisis many realities and the buying power decreased a lot. Being able to create a smartphone with a competitive price can have big advantages. 

The model Reno4 in the colours Space Black and Galactic Blue

Let’s start to talk about Reno4 Z, the cheapest model, but with many resources. The display has 6,57 inches that hosts a double camera for the selfies of 16 and 2 megapixel. The cameras on the back instead are four: one of 48 megapixel, a wide angle of 8 megapixel, one for the macro of 2 megapixel and one for the portray of 2 megapixel too. The internal chip is a Mediatek Dimensity 800 with 8 Gb of Ram and 128 of memory, supported by a battery of 4000 mAh, all of it for less than 400 euros.

Let’s pass now to the Reno4, which is the medium product, both for the price and for the performances. The chip in this case is a Snapdragon 765G equipped with 8 Gb of Ram and 128 Gb of memory. The display is a super AMOLED of 6,34 inches and 90 Hz and even in this case we find the double camera for the selfies of 32 and 2 megapixel. The cameras on the back are four: the main one is always of 48 megapixel, while the wide angle has 8 Megapixel. There are then the macro always of 2 megapixel and even in this case the depth sensor. To mange all of it there is the new Android 10 with its interface ColorOS 7.2, Reno4 you will find it starting from the 599 euros.

Oppo Reno4 pro
The model Reno4 in the colours Space Black, Galactic Blue, Diamond Red and Green Glitter (Pantone)

Let’s finish the presentation of the new smartphones Oppo with Reno4 Pro. The screen of the high range model has 6,55 inches with curved edgess, more than the Reno4 then it has even a more refined set of cameras. We find infact the main camera of 48 megapixel sided by a ultra wide angle lens of 12 megapixel and a tele lens of 13. Finally a sensor for the autofocus and the detection of the depth laser to obtain the Ultra Night Video. The model Pro is thick only 7,6 cm and the case is fingerprints and scratches proof with a silky and glitter finnish, you can buy it here in Italy in Space Black, Galactic Blue and Green Glitter (in cooperation with Pantone). In this case the price grows and it arrives to 799 euros.

The smartwatch Oppo

As well as for many other brands, together with the release of the new smartphones it arrives even the Oppo smartwatch. Oppo watch takes place in the high range smartwatches, inside it there is Android Wear with functions dedicated to the fitness and, like many others, to check the sleep. 

Oppo Watch
The new Oppo Watch has the curved screen like the ones of the smartphone

They will release two models of it, to be exact. One with a case of 1,9″ and one of 1,6″, both of them with screen curved AMOLED, right like the one of the smartphones. The style of them remembers the one of the big brothers Apple Watch, but the price, even though they are a high range, is surely less, they infact cost 299 euros and 249 euros according to the case that you prefer. 

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