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Super Nintendo World will open in spring

The Super Nintendo World arrives in Osaka the next spring

Are you a Nintendo games fan? Will you love to jump into that coloured world and not thinking about your problems for few hours? Next spring, except for some delyas because of the covid, your wishes will become reality! Super Nintendo World infact will be a fun park inspired to the Nintendo games, especially to Super Mario, but even others, that will open in Japan, in Osaka. But let’s find out the project in detail.

Super Nintendo World

Nintendo, after a period of stop because of the covid, announced the new opening date of the new area of the funpark. The opening will be the next spring, it might opened the last summer, together with the Olympic Games of Tokio 2020 (that though were postponed to the summer of 2021). It was born as a section of the Universal Studios in Osaka that already hosts an area about Jurassic Park and Harry Potter.

Opening cafe Super Nintendo World
The opening of the Mario Cafe & Store preview of the Super Nintendo World

To kill the time Nintendo this october opened, in preview, in the area dedicated to Hollywood of the fun park, a bar and a shop inspired to Super Mario Bros where we will be able to start feeling the atmosphere of the new section of the park.

It will be possible to eat the super coloured pancakes filled with whiped cream and fruit and themed drinks. while in the shops it will be possible to buy basically everything: from t-shirts, to the shoes, hats, cups, pins and pencils, but even jewels, all inspired to Mario Bros. The partnership between Nintendo and the Universal Studios won’t be an exclusive only in Japan. 

super nintendo world
The stuffed pancakes inspired to Mario Bros sold in the Mario Cafe & Store of the Universal Studio in Osaka

Infact even for the funparks of Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore it will be realized a section  Super Nintendo World. But if you are thinking that Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood aren’t very close and that even without the pandemic they will be hard to reach, so you must be patient: for the moment we don’t know nothing about Europe. What is sure is that the park will try to catch a big slice of that audience that usually visits the Disney parks.

What will you find inside the park

The fun park of Osaka will be mainly inspired to Super Mario Bros, even if, according to what Nintendo said, it might host even other famous figures of the company like The legend of Zelda, StarFox, Donkey Kong, Poke’mon and Animal Crossing. Even if, at the moment, while looking to the first images it’s clear that the main element is the videogame of Mario Bros.

In the park there are: the castle of Peach (the princess dressed in pink) and the one of the villain Browser, then there are the real reproductions of the first levels of Super Mario Bros, an area inspired to Donkey Kong and a roller coaster inspired to Mario Kart. This one, according to some rumors, will be indoor and filled with light effects and olograms in augmented reality style. 

super nintendo world
The Super Nintendo World saw from above: the very coloured world will become reality with the castle of Peach, the first levels of Super Mario Bros and so on.

About the augmented reality, we are waiting for the Power Up Bands. Some special bracelets that, by connecting to the smartphone, will allow to see all the Super Nintendo World in augmented reality. Especially it will create a game inside the game: the visitors of the park will be able to collect coins, to fight the enemies and to challenge themselves while waiting for a ride or while walking through the park. 

We don’t know yet if there will be real leagues brought into the reality that will encourage the partecipations to the games created by the Power Up Bands. But it seems it isn’t such important the presence of bonus and prizes. The fans of the small big Mario are already ready to try them. 

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