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A console for Christmas, which one to choose?

Console under the tree

Christmas is getting closer, did you decide to do, to someone else or to yourself, the such waited big gift? What’s better than a beautiful console under the tree? As much as that this year the waited Console Next Gen arrived. Here you have which are the most wondered consoles for Christmas 2020 and how to choose the best one according to your needs.

A console for Christmas: PS5

Did you pass by a videogame shop the last 19th of november? Did you notice the mess, the long lines outside the doors, the soft buzz of who was waiting for this moment for a while.

Console sotto l'albero: PS5
The PS5 went sold out, but Sony promises that new stocks will arrive before of Christmas

Well, the reason was debut of one of the most waited console ever, the next generation by Sony: the PS5.

In reality there was already a first wave in September: the pre-orders one. Then, in November, besides to the pre ordered consoles there were some more for sale. But they lasted  for a very short. The same day they were already sold out everywhere.

Are you between the luckier ones that are already using or did you already packed it under the tree? Firstly they said: it’s all sold out until the 2021! News that panicked us all, who wasn’t able to catch the wished object. Is that a ruined Christmas so? Maybe not.

Sony led us knows with a tweet that new PS5s are coming: “The request of PS5 is unprecedented: we would like to tell you that the new stocks of PS5 will arrive soon in the shops before the end of the year”.

Will the PS5 be the most sold console ever, by ousting, at the end of all, the PS2? Moreover the price, even if it is high, isn’t even such prohibitive as we though at a first sight: 499€ for one with optical reader for the Blu Ray 4K disks and 399€ for a digital console, without reader.

A console for Christmas: Xbox

Together with the PS5 debuted, in november too, even another very waited next gen console: the Xbox serie X and the serie S.

Same history for the Serie X, the most powerful Microsoft console. Pre-order delirium, all sold out and who was cut down won’t have the dreamed console for Christmas.

Xbox for Christmas
Xbox Serie X and Serie S, which one choose for Christmas

But if the two top of the lines of the next generation are basically unfindable, there is still their little sister which is still available. That’s true, it really seems that the only console with the next gen technology which is still available on the marketplace is the serie S.

Furthermore, it’s the best solution to save some money without, though, giving up to enter in the future of the consoles.

The serie s, as well as the bigger sister, is for sale since the 10th of november, but unlike the serie x it’s still available, somewhere.

With a surely lower price compared with the ones of the other two consoles (299€), the xbox serie S makes anyway a great gift under the Christmas tree. The serie S is a little bit less powerful than the serie X, it’s somewhere between it and the One. But it will be anyway able to make this a perfect Christmas.

The Christmas in Nintendo

Lastly, let’s see what the Nintendo proposes us for this Christmas 2020. The Nintendo videoplayers are loyal and not other next gen consoles can let their loyalty fell down.

Guide to the Christmas gifts
Nintendo proposes its “Guide to the Christmas gifts”, it worths to have a look

No new consoles for Nintendo, the Switch is still their top product. But if you are looking for a perfect gift for Christmas on the official Nintendo website there is the “Guide to the Christmas gifts”.

Between the suggested videogames to put under the tree there are Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Ring Fit Adventure, Just Dance 2021. Unmissable then are the special editions for the 35th anniversary of Mario Bros.

Otherwise in the store we can find many gadgets: t-shirts, cups, peluches, covers, to put under the tree of who already has everything.

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