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The news announced to the E3 2019

E3 2019

It’s just ended the most awaited event by the videogamers of the whole world: the E3, the fair that every year in Los Angeles announces the videogames coming during the year.

All the big producers of videogames and consoles are going to let the big audience know the latest news, between unexpected revelations and unmissable games. But the E3 is even the occasion for the small producers to get known and be noticed, next to the big colossus of always.

The consoles

To this E3 is missed the presence of Sony, but even though it, during the whole event, the Playstation 4 was anyway the most mentioned console. Right after there is the Nintendo Switch. The last console, infact, is recording a positive trend that allowed the Nintendo to climb again the satisfation rankings.

The event followed on many platforms recorded a really high approval for Nintendo on Twitter, becoming the direct most debated of this year.

Right after it we find the direct Microsoft, that stunned all with the presence of Keanu Revees. But Nintendo got the first place even between the most viewed events on Youtube.

Direct microsoft
Keanu Revees

On Twitch, instead, the conference of Microsoft Xbox resulted to be the most followed one.

The games

The E3 2019 was a whirlwind of new games presented, between the ones that we were expecting and the ones that were totally a surprise. The most talked about during the days of the event was Cyberpunk 2077, by CD Project Red.

The game, which will be released the next April, is a RPG, set in a future, the 2077, rightly, where humanity reached the technological singularity and the mega corporations took the control of the one that was once the America.

About ratings Cyberpunk 2077 passed the second with the 25%. To the second place we find Final Fantasy 7 Remake and right after it, but for a few, Marvel’s Avengers, another videogames about which it’s been talked a lot the last days.

The first bookings after the E3

If those were the most viewed directs and the most talked arguments, at the end of all who really won? To speak are obviusly the pre-orders already started. At the first place we find the last chapter of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

E3 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

At the second place we find a real icon of the videogames’ world: Pokemon, which redesigns itself with the new technologies and the advanced graphic in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For who grow up with the serie it’s without any doubt a must.

Then we find Final Fantasy 7 remake and Cyberpunk 2077, that even though the huge success obtained during the direct, it took only the fourth place.

Nintendo to the E3 2019

Between the biggest surprise of the E3 of this year there were the directs Nintendo, that like always enriched the event with a dense schedule of games and unexpected announcements. In only 40 minutes of direct the japanese company was, probably, the one that most amazed its fans.

Nintendo announced many new releases, mostly around its big classics, like Animal Crossing or the adventures linked to the world of Super Mario, like Luigi’s Mansion. But even DLCs for Super Smash Bros and more than one new Zelda.

Finally, the direct was concluded with a real gem by Nintendo, a huge surprise for all the fans: the sequel of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game that two years ago drove the release of the Nintendo Switch and that turned out to be a real masterpiece.

E3 2019
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

This last revelation is what let Nintendo jump on the podium of the event of this year. No one expected the release of the sequel and the few seconds of the presentation let arise few rumors that leave the fans dreaming about the development of the saga.

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