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Fortnite Spotlight Festival, the concerts in augmented reality

Fortnite Spotlight Festival

The changing already started together with the lockdown of the last spring. The best period to start a serie of concerts in the party royal mode of Fortnite. But in reality the passage was already planned for a while and the quarantine just encouraged this transition. It was already a while, inface, that the most famous battle royal of the world wanted to do the leap, by entering in the world of the showbusiness. It just ended three weeks full of events. With the Fortnite Spotlight Festival the island livened up with a serie of live concerts. Here you have how the initiative went, while we are waiting for the next event. 

The first concerts on the island of Fortnite

To break the ice and open the doors to the new Fortnite Spotlight Festival were, the last April, in the middle of the lockdown, the Dj Marshmallo and the american rapper Trevis Scott.

Fortnite Spotlight Festival
The concert of Dj Marshmallo on Fortnite

The period was very favorable for an online event, as much as that the videogame in that period had very high peaks of users connected simultaneously. But right the concert of the american rapper was a huge success, as much as to let Fortnite made a record of users connected, with 12.3 million of people that partecipated to the event. By breaking down every previous record of users connected simultaneously. The concert of the Dj Marshmallo instead had 10,7 million of partecipants. 

During the concert, released at 1 a.m. in the night, on the island where, usually, the users challenge themselves until the last survived, Trevis Scott released his new song and he launched a new line of merchandising.

Because of the success, in the following days, Fortnite proposed four replies of the concert. The videoplayers had to connect thirty minutes before to take place to the event and to not clog the servers, and to the ones that partecipates they gave the hang gliding “Cyclone Astroworld” and two loading screens.

But the concerts of april wasn’t live, they were recorded performances.

The events of september

With the serie of concerts just finished Fortnite signed another point to its favour. This time the concerts were real live events that animated the most famous island of the gaming for three weeks. 

Fortnite Spotlight Festival
Fortnite Spotlight Festival

Epic Games realized a recording studio in Los Angeles where the singer could sing for real, in front of the videoplayers that, meanwhile, took place online.

Here you have another way to see the concerts live online, it was like that that the Spotlight Festival was born and it was a success.

Dominic Fike opens the Fortnite Spotlight Festival

To open the Fortnite Spotlight Festival was the american rapper Dominic Fike, with his debut album “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”.

Fike came on the stage of the Fortnite Spotlight Festival the last 13th of september, for three times, by opening the doors to the event that took place until the 26th of september. 

The artist entertained the users for about a hour, by counting about 100 thousand of users connected. 

Other events to the Fortnite Spotlight Festival

Prepare yourself to shine to the main stage with the debut of our new costume Shiny specialist. Or go out from your shell and come to dance with the return of the Sweet Defender in the Objects shop. The perfect look to wear during the megahit of Dominic, “Chicken Tenders”. Epic Games announced so some of the news that followed the events of September. 

Fortnite Spotlight Festival
The live concerts revolutionize the world of Fortnite

The 26th of september to run the stage of the Fortnite Spotlight Festival was the most famous corean boy band in the world, the BTS. For the occasion it was possible to buy two new emotes for the dance choreographed by the same band, to follow them with the same moves. 

Since the 22nd of september, instead, it’s possible to enter to the Creative Mode and to go in the world of the music video “Dynamite”, thanks to the work made by the community YU7A, TreyJTH and SundayCW.

An amazing work

The live concerts to which the users partecipated have behind them an amazing work made by Epic Games. Thanks to the technologies for the augmented reality XR (extended reality), it was possible to create real time graphics to integrate with the live performances.

With this new technology we don’t feel like we are inside a videoconference but like we are to a real concert. 

Unfortunatelly the users iOs wasn’t able to enjoy the show of the Fortnite Spotlight Festival, because of the legal battle that we mentioned already in a previous article.

Now that the recording studio is ready, the technology too and the way was opened by the first artists, it only remains to wait for the next events. 

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