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The list of the most profitable videogames

The list of the most profitable videogames

The british e-commerce MusicMagpie did a list of the most popular videogames according to how much they creators earn from them.

The research of MusicMagpie

Even if it is very competitive, the videogame sector is always growing, especially in the last years. In the 2019 it realized more than 120 billion of dollars, much more compared with the other entertainment sectors like the music and the cinema.

MusicMagpie, an e-commerce that sell technological products, was curious about the phenomenon and it collected the public datas to create an income report of the main software companies. Specifically it was choose a time sample of 60 seconds. In the calculation all the micro-transictions, the subscriptions and the physical copies sold, are considered, besides than the in-game purchases (which often allow not only to customize the characters and the environment but even to continue with the game).

The list of the videogames: from the 10° to the 5° position

On the bottom of the list we find Apex Legends, the videogame developed by Respawn was released a bit more than a year ago, in the february of the 2019. It is available on many platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it recorded promptly an increase of players: after only a month they were already 50 millions. It is a battle royale free-to-play and even though it’s free to play to it, thanks to the micro-transictions and to the in-game purchases, it earns about 929 euros per minute.

list of videogames
Grand Theft Auto V

Right after it we find Grand Theft Auto V. By considering the whole saga it’s surely one of the most sold all over the world, even though it was released for free on the store of Epic Games. What’s this videogame worth? GTAV earns about 1041 euros per minute. We have to say that all the online section dedicated to the accessories, besides than to the cars and to the clothes, is constantelly upgraded and it’s right here that GTAV counts its biggest income.

At the eighth position of the most profitable videogames here you have Overwatch, a first person shoter that celebrates four years. Even in this case the biggest incomes arrive from the sale of clothes, emotes and decorative spraies, which are inside the loo-box (casual prize boxes) by bringing the title to earn 1043 euros every 60 seconds.

Here you have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is on the marketplace for more than 20 years and it became a real franchise. The last title released the last autumn is able to earn 1128 euros per minute.

At the sixth place a sport game: FIFA 19. Even if the last year it was released FIFA 2020, the most used (and the one that makes more incomes) is the previous version. This version infact has a particular game mode: the FIFA Ultimate Team, (which was disputed because the purchasable prize boxes remember a gambling) let the EA earn 1375 euros per minute.

list of videogames

Right after here you have Anthem, even the release of this title dates back to the last february 2019. Even though the developers gave up with the project, by creating much disappoint between the fans, the game earns anyway 2100 euros per minute.

From the 4° position until the 1° one

We are at the bottom of the top, in the fourth position there is the first person shooter CrossFire. The title dates back to the 2007, thanks to a constant upgrade it let its producers earn 2450 euros every sixty seconds.

But here we are on the podium of the list of the most profitable videogames: to the third position League of Legends. Top title of the Riot Games, it’s on the marketplace for eleven years already and it makes 2625 euros per minute.

list of videogames
Dungeon Fighter Online

At the second place here you have Dungeon Fighter Online. With its 2D graphic it is a classic “beat-em up” loved shooter in Japan and in Corea and it earns every minute 2800 euros.

But try to guess who is in the first position? Obviusly it is: Fortnite. It became a launching pad for all the other channels it earns every sixty seconds an amount of 3151 euros, by being the stronger title of the last three years.


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