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The third season of Fortnite and other news from the videogame

News from the Fortnite world

Everyone know the incredible success of the videogame Fortnite, that, even though it’s available in the free version, it earned much more than any other videogame in the history. In this period, with everyone at home in quarantine, the game had a new increase of videoplayers. But there is even the downside: the lockdown created problems for the release of the third season of the second chapter of Fortnite.

The release of the third season of Fortnite

The release of the third season of the second chapter of Fortnite was predicted for the last days. But because of the current global situation it was postponed. The second season was extended at least for the whole month of may, with the release date fixed for the 4 june, for the moment.

The third season of the second chapter of Fortnite is arriving

Even if currently the date is fixed for the 4th of june the developers let us know that it cannot be excluded a delay of few days. But it seems anyway sure, even though the problems, that the third season will arrive in the month of june.

But if the waiting seems timeless let’s remember that in this delay there is something positive. The videoplayers have an extra month to complete the missions of the second seasons and to be able to obtain all the gold skin of the bosses of the agency. And we really needed an extra month, due that to fully finish the second season we must arrive to the level 350 and unlock the skin Mida, Miaoscolo, Nitroglicerina, Agente Banana, Skye and Brutus.

What to expect from the third season of Fortnite

The waiting can be really annoying as much for the videoplayers and for the developers, that are waiting to see how it will be welcomed by the big audience. So Epic Games had fun to leave somewhere some small spoiler, to get the attention of the players.

We are talking about some posters inside the videogame, attached on the building of the No Sweat Insurance, at Lazy Lake. On one of them we find Miaoscolo immerged in the water. On a second poster, instead, Peely run away from a shark. Finally, there is one of them with a building on an inflatable boat. Is the world of Fortnite preparing itself for a great flood?

The posters of the No Sweat Insurance inside the videogame

But maybe the water isn’t the only element of the third season. The eyes of the most experts found out even some reference to the fire. Always on the front wall of the No Sweat Insurance, infact, there is a poster with an umbrella on fire.

No Sweat Insurance
The logo of the No Sweat Insurance

Other news from the videogame

While we are waiting for the arrival of the third season the Epic Games released a new upgrade. It is Fortnite 12.50, which brings some news in every mode, from the Battle Royal, to the World Save, to the Creative Mode.

The news introduced in the Battle Royal mode are a depowering of the Rifle of Heavy Precision, for the version Epic and Leggendary. For the PC version, furthermore, the assisted aim through the controller was brought to 60 Hz.

In the World Save mode there are maybe the most interesting news. Here it was introduced a new figure: Barbablake the Blackheart, which has the personal advantage “Crew to boarding” and the team advantage “Treasure of Barbablake”.

Fortnite 12.50
The pirates come back on Fortnite

Besides to Barbablake it will be added even Buccaneer Ramirez, which has as advantage Heavy Guns. Furthermore, a couple of archs were added: the Poweder Keg and the Xeno Arch.

For the Creative mode there were only added some objects for the galleries.

It was, finally, introduced the mode Operation Strategical Cargo, where two opposite teams accompany, one of them, a truck to its destination and the other one must stop the same delivery.

And at the end, one the shop of Epic Games there are for a fee the skins of Deadpool X-Force. All of it while we are obviusly waiting for the arrival of the third season of the second chapter of Fortnite.

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