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Fortnite World Cup: the prices and the winners of the eSport tournament

Fortnite World Cup

With 250 million of registered players, Fortnite is one of the best made videogames of the videogames’ producers Epic Games. During the direct of the concert of the Dj Marshmello, on the platform were, simultaneously, active 10.8 million of players. And, during the second birthday of the title, Epic Games ha organized the Fortnite World Cup which finished the last end of July.

The criticism to Fortnite

Its success is mainly up to the really young players, million of teenagers are literally addicted to the title. Even the prince Harry told something about it, jsut before the Fortnite World Cup, he said that the game might not be allowed and it’s made to create addiction.

A choral of parents and teachers not only londoners, but from the whole world, joined him. The China instead directly took precautions and, while trying to fight the increasing addiction for the game, decided to limit its usage to a maximum of 3 hours per day. In cooperation with Tencent, which released the game in China, were activated some limitations to the functioning after three hours of usage.

Fortnite World Cup
Some figures of Fortnite

Therefore they put an advise which recommend to do activities outside and to keep care of our own physochophysical healt. This because they detected an increase of hospitalization of really young chinese which spent too many hours in front of the game.

The appeal of the Duke of Sussex, Harry, is launched especially to the parents that often, for lack of time or knowledge, leave their sons too many hours playing to the console. Many parents don’t have any idea about what Fortnite is, infact, even though the PEGI is +12, isn’t sure that all the contents of the game are suited with the teenagers.

Even the Jordanian recentelly asked the ban of the game because, besides to cause addiction, it’s against the massive usage of violence in the game.

The Fortnite World Cup

But even though the constant criticism, Fortnite is still the most played title by the really young ones and Epic Games even launched a torunament about it. In April started the qualifying races for the categories: single, couples and creative.

Up to 40 million of players take part to the tournaments with 200 countries playing. The last match took place between the 26th and the 28th July in New York City, where the best players disputed the 30 million of dollars. During the matches, the fans reached the 19.000 presences to the Arthr Ashe Stadium and 2,3 millions were instead the spectators only on the platform of youtube.

Fortnite World Cup
Bugha the winner 16 years old of the Fortnite world cup

To win the price for the Single was Kyle “Bugha” Geirsdorf a player of the team Sentinels, of just 16 years. Bugha has won the title of champion of the tournament with 59 points, by bringing at home 3 million of dollars. But even the players from the 2° to the 4° position received prices of more than a million of dollars in total.

For the category Couples the price, always of 3 million of dollars, goes to the couple Nyhrox and Acqua which made 51 points.

At the same time of the Fortnite World Cup took place even the Creative World Cup, composed by 8 teams of 4 players, where the team Faze Cizzorz won. It was spreaded a further million of dollars to many charities thanks to the Celebrity Pro-AM. To finish the event there was a second live concert of the Dj marshmello at the end of the tournament.

Fortnite Season X
The new figures of Fortnite Stagione 10

Few days after the world cup, the first of august, it was even released the season 10 of Fortinite. Many the news between which special missions, a new battle Pass, up to 100 prices to unlock with many new contents to download.

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