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Tenet, preview of the movie of Christopher Nolan

The new movie of Nolan: Tenet

It’s the second trailer released after many months for the movie of Christopher Nolan. This time, because of the closure of the cinemas, for the launch it was chosen a curious platform. The new movie Tenet infact went on air during a special event on Fortnite.

The trailer of the movie Tenet online on Fortnite

The preview went on air the last thursday, in the evening, inside the game online Fortnite in the section Royal Party. It’s not only an easy strategy, to compensate to a period during which isn’t possible to access to the cinemas.

To publish the trailer on a videogames platform allowed Nolan to show its trailer to a really big audience. Much bigger of what the cinemas can be. By arriving to an audience that maybe usually doesn’t go often to the cinema.

movie tenet
We don’t know much about this new movie of Christopher Nolan unless the main actors

Furthermore the movie Tenet is particularly in target compared to the one of Fortnite: between the 18 and the 44 years and male. It was even perfect to be presented during a sporting event, but they were stopped too. So here you have the idea to choose to release the preview online on a videogame platform.

Afterwards the trailer of the movie Tenet, eleventh movie of Christopher Nolan, it was published on Youtube where it’s possible to watch even the first one.

The story of the new movie of Nolan

The interesting, or annoying, thing is that even the two trailers released it isn’t clear yet about what this new movie will exactly talk about, just few details are detected, many things are left to the imagination.

What we know is that it’s a thriller, specifically it is a spy movie settled in a future where it’s going to start the Third World War.

We know, always thanks to the trailer, that the protagonists will be Robert Pattison and John David Washington (the son of Denzel).

Right for this reason the fans started to speculate about it. Like for example the theory that the movie Tenet is a sequel of one of the lovest movie of Nola: Inception.

Right John David Washington answered to Esquire about this theory by claiming that the movie are very different, but that anyway they can be considered “relatives”.

“I would say that Tenet is a relative of Inception“, explained Washington. “They are joined with a marriage. They get together for the thanksgivingm the family barbecue, something like that. Other than that, one of them lives in Europe, the other one lives in Compton”.

The relationship seems to be about the time manipulations that both movies use.

When Tenet will be released

Therefore in this new trailer published in preview on the platform Fortnite, they don’t say nothing about when and where the movie will be released. In America there is a provvisory date which is fixed for the 17th of july, unless that the pandemic will get worst and the cinemas won’t reopen.

movie tenet
It seems that the story is a “relative” of Inception where space and time are overturned

Will the Warner Bros risk for its top movie of the 2020 during a such hard period? Or will it postpone it by releasing puzzling trailers which are able to catch the curiosity of the fan?

Or maybe will it go on for the street of the online events by attempting for the first time the view on some streaming platforms or even straight on the same Fortnite?

Unfortunatelly only the time will be able to say us how it will go: the emergency Covid-19 might finish and so the cinemas will open soon, or they will have to find alternative ways to launch not only this movie but many others that are waiting to be shown to the audience.

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