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Fortnite, the videogame of the moment


Fortnite is a survival’s videogame realized by the Epic Games and freely published this year for Playstation 4, XBox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS and macOS. Fortnite is the videogame of the moment, the game that now all the videogamer or at least all the yuong people know, to which at least one time all played or saw.

How to play to FortniteFortnite

The kind of game of Fortine is the Battle Royale, and all the players  partecipate at an all against each other challenge to which only the stronger one will survive. Let’s start to download the free version of the game, then we have to registere and to create our own avatar, dressing it and equipping it as we like it. The game’s purpose is the one to deal between 100 players all over the world, in an open world map, where to hide ourselves, find out the weapons, build shelters, explore, find out and combat against the others, trying to remain the only survivor. Everything starts onboard of an airplane, or we should say on a schoolbus suspended in the air, from where choose the best point to start our adventure, in island below, and going there, jumping with the parachute with the other players. Even if it doesn’t exist a limit of time, the game’s field slowly reduce itself, in small concentric circles, caused by a fog that become ever time more toxic and that will kill us if we remain outside the circle. This will bring us to invetibaly fight with the other, in an ever smaller battle’s field lake of hideouts. Besides to weapons, shields and equippements, spreaded around the game’s map and closed inside chestes, while we are setting our avatar for the final battles, we have to remember to grab materials, that will be useful to build shelters and ways out. This is an element in addition to the other Battle Royales that allows us to fully use our videogamer’s skills. Besides the solo mode there are even other modes, in couple and in teams of three or four elements.

A videogame of recordFortnite

Thousands of videogamers clog the servers of Fortnite every days, in a Battle Royale that is becoming viral and that is absolutly impossible don’t know, putting in risk historical videogames’ companies that are seeing falling down their users, which are the most of the time on the videogame of the moment. According to the last informations, infact, Fortnite seems to be the most played videogame on console and PC, passing the one that until today was the undisputed leader, Grand Theft Auto, and it refuses to decrease. The Epic Games’s revenues are astonishing, besides 2 millions of dollar every day, thinking that we are talking about a free version and that the revenues come only from the sale of vests and moves, weapons and gadgets, which are even unnecessary for the game. The revenues were able already in the first months to pass the ones that until now were unbeated of other viral free games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Everyone loves it

The fans like we said are thousands and the Fortnite phenomenon conquered all, but really all. Most of the youtubers, infact, are making millions thanks to the videogame’s gameplays. The videogamer Ninja, considered by many the best player of Fortnite, recently declared that thanks to his gameplays he’s able to earn almost one million and a half per month. And the phenomenon doesn’t stop here, it was able to conquer even the show business, increasing ever more its audience. The singer Drake, reached 600 thousand of viewers simultaneously, posting one of his game’s session, while football players like Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Antoine Griezmann, besides to post their matches on Fortnite, started to bring them even on the football’s fields, reproducing the same cheerings of the videogame after a goal.

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