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Call of Duty: Warzone reaches Fortnite

Call of Duty: Warzone

A new title for the saga Call of Duty, but this time it’s a free-to-play. We are talking about the title Warzone, which is trying even to pass the king of the free-to-play: Fortnite.

Bobby Kotick was right. During not suspicious times the number one of Activision claimed infact that the free-to-play games and the ones dedicated to the smartphones would be a great way to improve their audience.

Cod: Warzone, the answer to a problem

Infact because of the marketplace of the videogames is very competitive they were already thinking to a way to easily resist. And it’s like that that the lifesaver can be right the free-to-play, especially after a such hard period like the lockdown was which stumped many people.

Who wasn’t able to work anymore, not even from home, literally remained without work for months. And now, while the lockdown finished in many countries, many people are still without work, anyway.

Call of Duty: Warzone
A new action space for Call of Duty thanks to the free-to-play Warzone that imitates the Fortnite style

What to do so when the demands strongly decrease and many of the possible customers aren’t able anymore to spend seventy euros for a videogame? One passes to a new marketplace! And Call of Duty: Warzone was born, a free-to-play videogame in the usual style of Call of Duty, but with a gameplay like a Battle Royale that remembers Fortnite.

So the 10th of march Warzone was launched on the marketplace. In the first 24 hours it collected 6 million of players, after only four days it arrived to 15 millions, then it doubled by arriving to 30 million of players the 10° days. During the peak of the Covid-19, the new Cod arrived to touch the 50 million of players, it conquered other 10 millions in may.

An incredible rise, in a very short time. But it isn’t a goodbye to the classic style of Call of Duty, infact the arrival of the fourth season was already announced. This announce awakened the sales of the previous title: Modern Warfare, which was released the last october, title that already has the primacy of sales compared to the previous ones.

The challenge goes on

And if Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tryed to overthrow Fortnite, Warzone restart the attack, even more competitive. Infact if Fortnite catch all the attention for long time with the mode Battle Royale, Warzone is able to add something more.

Fortnite at the end it’s a game that is often upgraded with new gadgets or small changes of gameplay to try to not annoying its audience (which is mainly composed by teenagers). The scheme tough remains always the same: we are parachuted on the island, we have to collect the weapons and all the need to survive and then we start to fight.

Call of Duty: Warzone
The classic style of Call of Duty in version Battle Royale, is catching many teenagers

Warzone at this style add the usual aesthetic of Call of Duty and a rich and long-lived community of players. And it knows it, infact the claim of the game is right “let’s make a team with your friends and go in the battle field that can side up to 150 players”.

It starts inside the lobby, then we pass of the war field, which is similar to the one of the last Call of Duty, and at this point we must survive. So the model that remembers Fortnite, but older. Infact, for example, the system of micro-transictions allows to buy aesthetical skins for our figure, unlike Fortnite.

Warzone maybe doesn’t convince all the historical players, by the way the youngest ones are catched by the new, and who knows if they will discover all the original serie of a big classic like Call of Duty.

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