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Tim Sweeney: the man that earned billions of dollars with Fortnite


Probably it isn’t something new the name Tyler Blevins, even called “Ninja”. At 28 years it ended on the front page of a Magazine after earned 10 millions of dollars while playing to Fortnite for 12 hours a day.

Fortnite is, at the moment, the coolest game at a global level, counting more than 200 millions of players in the world.

Tim Sweeney

By the way, the name of the real top player isn’t this one. He is, infact, the 49 years old Tim Sweeney. He grow up in the Maryland, in the 1991 he founded the one that later would produce the game Fortnite: the Epic Games.

According to the budgets of the 2018, the Epic Games reached a total profit of 3 billions of dollars. Obviusly, the biggest part of the merit is up to Fortnite that guarantees a daily profit of 2,5 millions of dollars.

Tim Sweeney

The heritage of Tim Sweeney, today, is around the 7 billions of dollars. It is an amount so high to passed people like George Lucas or George Soros in the league of the richest people in the world on Forbes.

We can surely say that Fortnite is now became a real global cultural event, especially thanks to the basement of the model “freemium”. The videogame is, infact, fully free.

This make it affordable by all but, at the cost of the user, it is possible to download some paid add-on. Mostly like happened on GTA (the famous Grand Theft Auto). The company, therefore, earns many millions even from other products different than Fortnite.

Epic Games is the producer even of a famous software which takes the name of Unreal Engine. Graphical engine used by most of the competitors for the development of the videogames, award-winning and source of many revenues thanks to the monthly subscriptions.

Tim Sweeney

The opinion of Elena Fedina

The director of the business intelligence company about the videogames, Elena Fedina, tries to explain the reasons of the global success of Fortnite in few easy words. She, infact, explains how the strong suit is the one to be affordable by all and, so, inclusive.

To this is added the fact that the game’s sessions are quick and extremely funny. Fortnite conquered a really varied audience: from the smallest ones to the biggest ones, from the teenagers to the stars of the show business.

It’s really hard to compare Fortnite with the other videogames, because we never saw such success for a so long period of time

That’s what Fedina underlines, in front of the request of a prediction about when the growth of a videogame can start to stop or, even, decline. We can’t predict it because, now, there aren’t other similar cases.

Other strong suits

Another important strong suit is the choice of the company to follow all the precious suggestions given by the users in the many forums.

Every upgrade is focused on this and, so, the users feel include and they are prodded to see the game ever more “perfect”. Probably in the future it will be created a tv serie inspired to the game, or even a movie.

Tim Sweeney

The Fortnite’s version “Battle Royale”, consists in an online challenge between many gamers (in the same battle can be up to 100 users), led explode the genre that, until now, was almost unknown.

Tim Sweeney, at the end, is the result of a tipical case where a programmer becomes a business man and reaches the success.

It is important to specify that, in the case of the videogames, we must never exceed in the usage due to the fact that they can create addiction. By the way, a responsible usage of Fortnite can donate us few hours of leisure.

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