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The mobile videogames for the quarantine

Thimbleweed Park

The quarantine goes on and so we must find something to do. We propose you a list of videogames available for iOS or Android, of all genre from the ones for the youngest ones to the ones for the thriller lovers.

The videogames for the quarantine

For the riddles lovers here you have Manifold Garden, a minimalist graphic, it remembers the paintings of Escher. The gamer will have to manipulate the gravity doing that we will change the perspective and it will be possible to solve the riddles. The William Chyr Studio realized a game with a really particular graphic style, that uses the physic to organise the unreal scenarios of the levels, for a sensory travel completely unexpected.

Videogames quarantine
A scenario from the game Manifold Garden inspired to the paintings of Escher

Her story is an unusual title, thought and developed by Sam Barlow (the screenwriter of Silent HIll: Shattered memoies) is a psycological thriller. We wear the shoes of a detective that will have to solve the case of the mysterious disappearance of a man. To be able to solve it you will have to see the videos of the interview of the wife of the disappeared man. The innovative aspect of the title are right the real videos with which is made, a really particular title, perfect for who loves the crime fiction.

game for the quarantine
The video of Her story are real videos with real actors, a really particular title, perfect for the quarantine

Puzzle game

Between the puzzle game and the interactive adventure there is Florence. It tells the story of Florence, twenty five years old, that meet the cello player Krish. A crossroads story that gives the feeling of a comic book and that proposes mini games and many puzzles to be able to find out more about the life of the protagonist.

game for the quarantine
Some images of the videogame Florence

Another puzzle game is Limbo, with the dark atmospheres it remembers the graphic style tipical of Tim Burton. In this game you will help a boy which is looking for his disappeared little sister. You will so have to go through many worlds filled with danger, and to solve many riddles with a perfect sountrack that creates the right feel.

The backgrounds of Limbo remember the style of the movies of Tim Burton

Another famous puzzle game which is perfect to pass the quarantine is Monument Valley, an unique title of its kind. It was realized by Ystwo Games, it is a title where you will have to help the princess Ida through many mazes that hide some optical illusions. Everyone of the ten levels has a different mechanic, but the purpose is always the same one: being able to safely go out from the maze.

Monument Valley
Some scenarios of the game Monument Valley

Funny and carefree

If you want something to make the days funnier so you must choose Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a coloured adventure social free-to-play. Here you will become the owners of a camping besides that the whole island where the camping is located. You will be able to buy clothes and every kind of material, you will meet anthropomorphic animals and you will be able even to invite other players to visit your camping.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a perfect style for the youngest ones

What the golf? is a really particular title, ironizing about the physic laws it’s a kind of parody of the classic golf game. You will have to put the ball in the hole by inventing innovative ways in a no sense world with a coloured and stylized graphic.

What the golf?
The crazy world of What the golf?

A perfect mistery game for the quarantine thanks to its funny tones it’s Thimbleweed Park where you will have to find out who was the murder in the city of Thimbleweed. You will so live a parallel adventure but much funnier than the tv serie Twin Peaks. The graphic style is in pixel art and it’s perfect even for the nostalgic of the historical videogames of the LucasArts.

Thimbleweed Park
The vintage style and the humour of Thimbleweed Park will conquer you


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