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Is a new videogame about Harry Potter arriving?

Harry Potter videogames

Harry Potter is always a guarantee of success, in this confinement period at home Italia 1 is proposing it again for all of its fans, and if the movies make rise back on you the desire of the small magician why don’t play with a videogame about it?

The videogames about Harry Potter

For every title of the magician’s saga were realized many versions for the consolles. But if you would like to try a little different kind of game and you still have a Kinect at home, so you should try the videogame Harry Potter for Kinect. The game won’t be the classic adventure any more where we explore the scenarios by wearing the shoes of Harry, in this case we will have to face a serie of challenges inside a fake world of the saga, the events told infact won’t be necessarily connected with the story of the books.

By using the Kinect it will be possible to put a spell like real magicians, besides the possibility to create your own character starting from the face scanning.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

If instead you only have a smartphone you can download from the play store the title Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. It was released in the 2018 (which means it’s really recent, compared with the books’ saga), it takes place in the period after the custody of Harry Potter to the Dursley. We will so explore the following six years until the arrival of Harry to the school of magic, by wearing the shoes of a new student. We will so have to find out the truth about the disappearing of our own brother Jacob.

The game is really interesting because the character’s personality will change according to the choises took during the story. We will so change the levels of courage, empathy and intelligence. Other factors will be the house chosen, the schoolastic level of the followed lessons and the friendships with the other figures.

The announced videogames

But something is still moving inside the production studios of the Warner Bros Entertainment, a while ago infact they talked about a new videogame: Harry Potter Magic Awakened, but shortly the clues of this new title disappeared.

The title is a kind of Action RPG in third person settled obviusly at the magic school. The story is though unpublished, which is so completely different than the one created by J. K. Rowling, it takes place after the Second War of the Magician, which is the battle of Hogwarts when Lord Voldemort and his death eater were eliminated.

It really seems so that along the streets of Diagon Halley and Hogwards we might meet the figures of the saga in their adult version, like they appears at the end of the serie in the Deathly Hallows. About the protagonist instead we don’t know a lot yet, but he will probably be a Hogwarts student.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened
An image by Harry Potter Magic Awakened

About the game style, it seems to be a mix between an RPG and a traditional card game, where the isometric vision and the classic one of the third person actions are alternated, there is even a map of Hogwarts completely explorable.

At the beginning of march though the rumors about it came back on the web site ResetEra where some insiders, precisely Shinobi602 and Jason Schreier, made some jokes about future videogames. Infact during the jokes it seemed even that they were talking about two titles, that might be closely released.

After a bit of turmoil between the users of the website, the producer Avalanche Software released a declaration by the means of its Lead Designer. Without get too much into it, it anyway confirmed that the title, Harry Potter Magic Awakened will be released soon.

It only remains so to wait until the release of this new videogame and how knows if, because of the period, they won’t decide to release it in advance to cheer the population at home because of the virus.

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