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Samsung Galaxy Event, a stellar launch – in all meanings!

A Galaxy Event, "stellar" launch for the new Samsung Galaxy

We had already told you a bit about the new and highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy A70 in this article. With its high definition screen, three rear cameras, a super fast charging battery and inscreen fingertips scanner, this smartphone really is something on its own.

Samsung however had not yet disclosed any detail about its costs and availability.

The cloud of mystery was dispelled on April 10th, in the course of a truly stellar (in all meanings) event. Or it should be galactic?

A Galaxy Event was the name of the groundbreaking Samsung launch that took place during the Milan Design Week (as well as in Bangkok and Sao Paolo). Music, special effects and technological news were the perfect ingredients for an event that was one of its kind.

Samsung Galaxy and the Milan Design Week

The new Samsung Galaxy smartphones were but one of the many Samsung appointments throughout the Milan Design Week.

The south korea company was a key protagonist in the course of the event.

From April 4th-14th, for example, the “Milan Unveiled” expo was hosted at Samsung Arena. Four 8K mini-documovies shot in the most secret and enchanting places of the town were displayed on Samsung’s new QLED TVs, in a highly suggestive and theater-like experience.

Milan Unveiled, Samsung triumphs at Milan Design Week
Milan Unveiled, one of Samsung’s installations in the Milan Design Week

Samsung appliances too were some of the heights of the day. The “24hr Kitchen” installation, running from April 9th-14th, was crowned by a special creation of worldwide famous chef Daniele Oldani. Who dedicated his masterpiece to Samsung – and the Fuorisalone.

Yet the greatest hype was all for A Galaxy Event, the highly awaited official announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It was the key event in Samsung‘s list of appearances. And the audience was in for a treat.

A Galaxy Event of music, stars and tech

The new Samsung Galaxy‘s launch had a distinctive spectacular feel to it.

La componente visiva di A Galaxy Event è stata fortissima
Music, lightworks and special guests for the Samsung Galaxy Event

Likely, other companies in the near future will take a page off Samsung’s book, offering an artful blend of show and technological news to entertain and involve the guests.

We’ve all heard of the improptu queues outside of Apple Stores whenever a new iPhone is released. Samsung made an equally clever use of the media coverage, but relied on the potential of a live show to draw in the thousands.

Performance, special effects and space inspired choreography were a grandiose corner for the new smartphones debut.

And the Milan Design Week offered the best context for the event.

Fedez and Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia among the Galaxy Event’s guests

Yet media coverage in itself relies also on stars from the showbiz world. Vips and celebrities are a magnet for the audience – and of course for the press.

And Samsung rose to the challenge in the introduction of their Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The italian rapper Fedez was the brand’s chosen testimonial for the event.

Fedez got the chance to try, in front of his fans and the event’s guests, all the full potential of the new Samsung Galaxy; respectively the Galaxy A50, A70 and A80.

Rapper Fedez attended Samsung's A Galaxy Event
Italian rapper Fedez attended Samsung’s A Galaxy Event

Nor he was the only celebrity attending the event. Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia was also a guest at A Galaxy Event, where he could offer his impressions on the new Samsung tech jewels that are soon going to be up for sale.

But there’s more. Federico Gardenghi – renown as the world’s youngest DJ – oversaw to A Galaxy Event‘s musical score, alongside with Fedez.


The visuals and special effects were owed in no small part to the intricated coreography of the Jologik dancers – who first debuted in Italia’s Got Talent.

Samsung Galaxy A news and release dates

Aside from the spectacular side show, however, what were the highlights of the new Samsung Galaxy A series?

Among the key models, like we anticipated, the most sought after are probably the Samsung Galaxy A50, A70 and A80.

I nuovi Samsung
Samsung Galaxy A, a brand new series of top smartphones

The  Galaxy A50 is already out for sale. With its three cameras including a wide-angle, it was the first of a new generation of smartphones. Its elegant design, the polished look and the highest quality of its specifics are well worthy its price – roughly around 350 eur.

Among the upcoming news is the long awaited Galaxy A70. The smartphone will be available by the end of April, right after Easter. If you’re a photography lover looking of an extremely high-level and performing smartphone, this model should be right up your alley. Samsung also revealed its price, 459 euro.

Last but not least, the Galaxy A80 is going to reach the stores in June and will cost about 679 eur. This is a high class phone with exceptional specifics. Its rotating triple camera is an all-time new in mobile devices. Its display is a SuperAMOLED with FullHD definition and the RAM should be about 8GB, with a powerful 3700 mAh battery.

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