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Stem in the City, the event between digital and sustainability

Stem in the city

It just ended in Milan the month Stem in the City, the event dedicated to a more sustainable and digital future. About what did they talk about during the last month? Let’s discover it together.

What’s Stem in the City?

In April the city of Milano becomes Stem. The one of the 2021 was the fifth edition, this year they had few live events and many digital ones.

Stem in the city
Science, technology, engineering and math, these are the subjects promoted by the Stem

The event is organized by the City of Milano together with many realities of the scientifical community, all of it with the support of the United Nations.

But what’s STEM? Stem means “Science, Technology, Engineering, Math”. The event is right aimed to promote the scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical subjects.

All of it by promoting a new digital culture and a more sustainable, inlcusive and without any stereotype future.

“Naturally Stem. For a sustainable and digital future”

The importance of the science for the society and for the future

The event is very important, as well as it’s promoting these subjects.

The last year demonstrated that science and technology are essential for the wellness of the society. To go out from this hard moment and to be better prepared to face the future we need the support of all: we so have to definetelly stop the gender inequality in the course of study and in the job work in the technical scientifical fields.

Stem in the city
Against the gender inequality

As city of Milan it’s been five years that we work in this direction and we are happy that so many realities collected our appeal, by proposing to boys and girls, meetings, testimonies, activities and role-models to which get inspired”, explained Roberta Cocco, assessor to the Digital Transformation and the Civical Services of Milan.

The science is woman

This was right one of the hot topic of this Stem in the City 2021. We have to fight in order to stop the gender inequality in all the fields. Especially when we talk about technical-scientifical subjects there is still a male majority.

Stem women
Stem works for a higher inclusiveness in the scientifical subjects

Very often girls struggle to find a place in this environment. Stem in the city gave them the possibility to face with women that, instead, in this world were able to find their place and that gave their support for a digital and ecosustainable future. So to encourage them to follow this way.

In the Webinar “From company culture to people engagement: professionists compared”, for example, six women tell aboutt themselves. Six professionals of the Stem subjects.

Or even in “Women, Teaching and Divulgation”, where they talk about how to fight the gender stereotypes thorugh the divulgation and the teaching of the science.

Stem in the city and ecosustainability

Like we said, therefore, another important topic about which one talked in the Stem in the city was the sustainability. It’s been many the webinars: “Our future is written in the sea: the solution is us”; “Quality education and environmente: the impact of the digital”; “One Planet One Future. Education for the planet”; “The sustainable travel of a tea bottle”, and so on.

Stem in the city
For a more sustainable and digital future

There were stories and companyes (extra)ordinary, that did of the sustainability their main target, with the intention to grow conscious citizens. And many other examples of how the digital and the technology, the teaching, can harmoniously melt with the sustainability.

Stem in the city for everyone

The webinars, the events, the testimonies, the interview, the stories, the teaching videos are mainly aimed for students, for the youth and for the schools. Because a more sustainable and digital future starts right from them.

Stem for children
Stem gets the youth closer to the science sibjects

But Stem in the city, in reality, is for everyone. From the teachers to the parents, the first educators of the children and the teens. From the primary school to the university, by passing from high school.

There are even webinars dedicated to “all”. There there are collected the challenges to fight the climate change, the stories from which take inspiration and the videos like “Robotic for the No Gender Gap”.

All the videos are still available online, for who lost it and wants to enter in the world of Stem.


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