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Hi-tech gadgets: the best ones of January

The new year brings new smartphones, but even toothbrushes and garbage bins, and many other hi-tech gadgets that you will want for sure. Let’s see together the best proposals of january.

Unusual Hi-tech Gadgets

Before to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and of the Galaxy S10 Lite, we would like to show you some hi-tech gadgets that will change your life. We are talking about the smart bins, which are bins that share the garbage per category and that self clean.

The technological research infact is making giant steps especially about the home improving. If we think about a smart home, all tech, where to improve the unpleasant moments of the day.

Xiaomi tries to do it with its Townew, which is a box that doesn’t spread the smells and that seals the bag inside it when it’s full. The idea is the one to bring a bit of order and cleanliness, but even to reach higher levels of hygiene.

gadget hi-tech smart bin
Between the hi-tech gadgets of january there is the new smart bin of Xiaomi.

It opens with a sensor, so when we get close to throw the trash it opens by itself, without have to use the hands or the feet to open it. A smart bin, with a minimal design, a blue led light inside the cover to find it even in the dark.

It’s even easy to clean because we can disassemble it, which makes it even easy to carry in case we would like to use it outside the house, for example, for the summer home.

Hi-tech gadgets: new Samsung

Here we are. Let’s now talk about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite. They were announced the first days of the year the two models Lite take place in a low price range.

The characteristics of these two new hi-tech gadgets of january are the confirme of the SPen, a screen of 6,7 inches and triple back camera of 12 megapixel, that includes 2 wide angles lens and zoom 2x.

gadget hi-tech smartphone samsung lite
The two new smartphones Lite by Samsung are two hi-tech gadgets promise well, especially about the price.

Which one should we choose? The difference between them two is surely the camera. Infact, about the Galaxy S10 Lite the main camera has a sensor of 48 megapixel, a wide angle lens of 12 megapixel and a macro optic of 5 megapixel. Inside the display it integrates another camera of 32megapixel.

Both the smartphones are managed through the operating system Android 10 with One UI 2.0, but the difference between them two is even about the memory: 8GB for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, and 6GB for the Note 10 Lite.

Tech dental care

Between the last hi-tech gadgets we would like to suggest you for this month of january even the Y-Brush, a new system for the dental care in 10 seconds.

FasTeesH tries to reinvent the idea of the toothbrush and it realizes this hi-tech gadget with a dynamic structure that follows the natural shape of the gums and that remembers the shape of the letter Y.

gadget hi-tech toothbrush
Here you have one the hi-tech gadgets of january: the new toothbrush to clean the tooth in 10 seconds.

How do we use it? It’s easy, it’s enough to add the toothpaste and to place it on the tooth. The toothbrush will simulate the movement of the chewing for five seconds and then it will rotate to clean the upper side.

Y-Brush has three different modes of vibrations and two different sizes to adapt to all the mouths. Therefore, being the process very easy, it’s even a perfect toothbrush for who has motor disaibilities.

Wearable Subwoofer

The last one but not for importance that we would like to show you today is a hi-tech gadget that the music lovers will love. It is the BassMe, a france product that looks like a safety belt that goes from the shoulder to the middle of the chest. It will spread the basses through localized vibrations.

It is a wearable subwoofer focused to improve the listening of the music by adding another dimension to the one of the ears.

gadget hi-tech subwoofer wearable
The wearable subwoofer arrived. It’s called BassMe and it is one of the new hi-tech gadgets available since january 2021.

By sensing the higher volume only through a tactile feelings and not with a hearing one, people will put down the volume of the earpods by saving the ear and its anatomic structure. Basically this new hi-tech gadget even has a wellness function by saving the ears.

Like all the products mentioned inside this article, even BassMe isn’t only for the music lovers, but it’s especially for who is looking for a complete experience, while watching a movie or while playing with the console.


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