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ROG Phone 3: the smartphone for the videogames

The new smartphone Asus

Do you love the videogames? Don’t you lose not even a title and you dream to play everywhere, but you don’t always have a console within reach? The ROG Phone 3 by Asus is the smartphone that you must have, it is realized infact right for the gamers, let’s find out together which are the characteristics that makes it so special.

ROG Phone 3 by Asus

Asus is at its third smartphone exclusively dedicated to the videogames lovers, and it seems super equipped with very high performances. It starts with a very powerful processor the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus supported by a cooling system GameCool 3. This was improved with a new steam room 3D and a graphite film placed behind the screen to promote the heat transition toward the external.

The display then has a technology Amoled of 6.59 inches and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, even the answer to the touch is very high, a millisecond only to can shot to all the enemies without the risk to be the first one. The battery has 6000 mAh. Supported by a system of energy save that has the possibility to hibernate the processes that use datas in background and improve the battery life.

rog phone 3
Even the design was reviewed, now it is more elegant

Let’s discover then even the AirTrigger 3 renewed with movement sensors and the controls with the touch at ultra sounds placed along the edges of the phone. Furthermore the audio system is a Diarc. There are then available 16 Gbyte of RAM and 512 Gbyte of internal memory.

Quality must paid

The smartphone for the Republic of Gamers (ROG) isn’t surely cheap, can have a jewel with these performances means that we have to spend at least thousand euros. But Asus promises to get closer to these standards even who has less to spend. It does it with the ROG Phone 3 Strix Edition. This version is equipped anyway with 12 Gbyte of memory RAM and 512 Gbyte of internal memory, it costs infact “only” 799 euros.

Sure they are anyway high prices. But who is a real passionated of videogames knows that everything there is around this passion (starting from the computers) have out of common prices, so the version Strix Edition can be a great starting point.

Even because the ROG Phone 3 has really some precious components. The display for example besides to be very large it has only 25 milliseconds of latency and it supports the technology HDR10+ that allows a big color range by making all the videos much more realistic.

rog phone 3
The ROG Phone 3 with the gamepad Kunai 2 and the system TwinView Dock 3

Even the software level of this smartphone is over the average. It has infact the possibility to personally define many parameters to optimaze the basic system of the videogame that we are playing in that moment. There are many accessories available to add: the gamepad modular Kunai 2 which allows to have some commands like the ones of a real console without have to use the touch screen. Then there is the system TwinView Dock 3 that allows to play with a double screen.

Let’s finally talk about the photographic compart: the main camera is a Sony IMX 686 of 64 MP. The second camera instead is an ultra-wide with 13 MP there is then a third macro camera. The frontal camera instead is a 24 MP which is perfect for the streaming live.

Look matters

Even the aesthetic was reviewed and it is anyway different compared with the other normal smartphones. On the back we find the logo ROG back lighted that can be used even for the notifications thanks to the aura illumination RGB customizable. There are then some changing lines and a portion of the case which is transparent that shows the inside of the smartphone.

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