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Paper Tablet, why we should buy one

Today we will find out together what is a paper tablet and why we should buy one of them. An useful instrument for who likes to keep everything under control and better organize every aspect of their life. 

What is a paper tablet?

It’s a special agenda, equipped with a special pen that digitalizes in realtime the notes that are written. We writes on the paper and then it’s like a magician, what is written appears on the screen of your own tablet, smartphone or pc.

A paper tablet is an instrument composed by a normal like notebook and a pen that seems magic. There isn’t any magician, though, the one of this kind of agenda is all technology that allows the lovers of the paper written word to digitalize their notes. 

The secrets is in the pages of the agenda

First of all is great to specify that this technology was mainly studied for one of the brand leader of the sector of the planning, which is Moleskine. Said all let’s specifically see how we can use a paper tablet.

paper tablet moleskine
For the Moleskine lovers, the paper tablet is a kind of revolution

Inside every page there is an invisible pattern that is played by the pen – one between all is right the Moleskine Pen+ – through an infrared mini camera. In this way the pen is able to recognise where it is inside the notebook and to transfer the notes taken with the hand from the page to the screen of the computer or the mobile device, in realtime. 

The dedicated application

The synchronization of the notes happens through a dedicated application for many platforms. Everything will be written, so, will be autonomously digitalized. 

The notes can be shared with friends or job colleagues or used for other purposes. The pen has to be recharged through an USB cable. 

Why should we buy a paper tablet?

If you are a lover of the notes this object is for you. What is written to be shared must be carried on the pc. The paper tablet is a great compromise between the classic and the contemporary. 

paper tablet
The paper tablet is great compromise between classic and modern, for who loves write and take notes.

Not only. Coming back to Moleskine, for the lovers of the memories on paper like Hemingway the product proposed by the brand has a great quality price rate. 

The Paper Tablet Moleskine can be bought in different solutions. We can buy only the pen, the pen with the agenda or everything with an elegant cover (we can find all of it in Amazon starting from 29,90€).

Its functionings

Between the functionings of this instrument we first find the one to convert the text in 15 different languages. It will be enough a simple copy-paste to digitalize what is written and afterward to translate it in the wished language. 

Other peculiarity, the possibility to work with other users during the usage (maybe during a lesson on the platform web). This modern notebook infact has an internal function called Collaborative Ideation with which we can connect up to 7 pens together. 

How much can we write?

The paper tablet allows you to write up to 1000 pages of notes and to digitalize them simultaneously. The battery of the pen has a last of 6 hours, so it’s an useful instrument even for who likes to write during their travels.

An instrument that join the business with the pleasure, it’s perfect for who loves write and it’s often around looking for new ideas for personal or working projects. Not only. The paper tablet is useful for who loves to organize step by step their days, by creating schemes and to do list with targets to do.

The paper tablet is a new way to write notes for a more organized life where no idea remains closed inside the drawers of our mind. 

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