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E-book, which one choose and why

Are you ready to become ebooks readers 2.0? So let’s find out together the e-books, which are the electronic books that are going to replace the printed paper, for comfort and price. Let’s see together which one choose and why should we pass to the digital reading.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is right an electronic book. They are digital books available through computer and mobile devices. Their birth is to be attributed to the first appearance of the devices for their reading, the eReader.

Not all the digital documents are digital books: this new kind of book, infact, doesn’t only present the paper document, but it even tries to recreate their shape, so to make the reading much more similar to the one that we have by flipping through the pages of a book.

Why should we read an e-book?

The e-book is light and compact. You can bring it with you everywhere, to read your books in the work breaks or in the death times on the public transports. With these devices you have many books, not only one a time like in the paper version and this make the reading much more stimulating.

Why choose an e-book

Let’s think you are on holiday and you are plenty of time to read, even one book per day. Let’s think to start a book and then, after the first chapters, you understand you don’t like it. Inside your digital book you will have so many other titles between which choose to start a new and more stimulating reading.

The digital books are cheap

Yes my dear reader friends, these digital books costs much less and they are often on sale. On amazon.it you can find many books at great prices: the digital books go from 0.99 cent until the 10.99 euros and rarely they pass these amounts.

Which e-books should we choose?

Currently the best one between which choose on the marketplace are 3, each one of them with different characteristics for the reading of the different literature genre. A common characteristic are the size and the weight: which are between 167 x 116 x 8,18 mm with an average weight of 190 g.

If you are Manga lovers

Do you love the comic books and especially the Manga? So the perfect purchase for you is the Kobo Forma, that next to the Kindle is one of the best player on the marketplace. With a display e-ink Carta HD/e-ink Mobius of 8 inches and density of 300 PPI (1440×1920 px) it can be used for the reading of comic books, especially thanks to the horizontal orientation. Furthermore, next to the traditional formats (ePub, ePub3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF), this reader supports even CBZ and CBR, which is something that the other brands don’t do.

Kobo – The brand of digital books for the comic books lovers

It is the most expensive model of the brand, but its design is completely water proof, besides to be very thin and light. Kobo Forma has a screen with 17 leds and the function ComfortLight PRO, that allows to change the light’s tone for a perfect sight in every occasion.

The cheapest one

If you are new about e-books so we suggest you a Kindle (standard version). Why? Because at the moment it is the best one with quality-price rate.

The frontal light is made with 4 LED and there are 24 levels of lighting available. With a display e-ink anti-reflex of 6 inches and a density of pixel of 167 PPI, it is able to satisfy the most basic needs of who wants to read digital books, even because it is the lighter one of its line (174 g) and it has a very simple design.

Kindle (standard version), the e-book with the best quality-price rate

With wear proof materials and an autonomy of about 4 weeks (with an usage of about 30 minutes per day), the Kindle (standard version) is surely a deal.

The first of the league

About the reviews and the performances the currently most sold is the Kindle Oasis. It is the most expensive on Amazon but even the most reviewed, and maybe it’s even the only one with a fingerprint proof aluminium case.

libri digitali
Kindle Oasis, the currently best e-book on the marketplace

With a display e-ink carta of 7 inches with density pixel 300PPI, this e-book reader has a thin and light design. Its particularity is the lighting: it reduce the eye stress with its 25 LEDs (12 white and 13 amber), by giving the possibility to change the light tone from warm to cold, according to the user flavours or to the moment of the day while we are reading.

The integrator processor FSL/NXP IMX7D (Dual Cortex-A7 @ 1GHz) allows a much more fluid experience; furthermore it doesn’t miss customization elements of the font and size, the dictionary, the notes and the underline function, which are typical of the Kindle.

So if read is your passion pass to the digital books might be the perfect solution for you. I know that read by flipping the pages sounds much more poetical, but I can ensure you that even the tap on the screen of an e-book looks good, especially if you want to start to save money to enjoy your passion.

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