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Get organized with Asana, the alternative to Trello

Get organized with Asana

If you think already that do a team work at school is a nightmare, during the job it might be even harder to coordinate the whole team. For this reason there is Asana, an alternative to the already largely used Trello.

Save the lost time

Did you know that, according to the experts of Asana, averaged the 60% of the time dedicated to a project is lost for the organization of the project itself? 

Questions like who does what and the time of it let us lose a huge quantity of time and of energy. To take back the control of the project and to avoid wastages, Asana comes to help us.

Agile working 2020

Already before the lockdown the most advanced companies were focused on the principle of the agile working.

This working philosophy is focused on the abitily of the company to work where, when and how they want, with the maximum flexibility and the minimum limits. This right to encourage the creativity and to optimaze the performances

Thanks to the lockdown this philosophy took hold. Ever more people, infact, are working from home and they have a higher autonomy. What becomes harder though, from the managerial point of view, is to keep a clear look on the integrity of the project. 

Ironically, the fact to parallelly work to a project all together, it risks to let us lose the overview. For this reason it is useful to put programs like Trello or Asana.

Social control and motivation

Thanks to the management of the ‘tasks’ given to the team’s members, Asana allows everyone to see who is working to what from home.  

Asana allows everyone to see who is working to what. 
Asana allows to see who is working to what.

The platform is open to all the levels of company. The managers as well as the colleagues can see on what you are working. The main interest is obviusly the one to great coordinate all, but even to create a kind of social control.  

The fact to divide the operation in smaller duties, improve the motivation. Being able to delete the ‘tasks’ from your own list at the end of the day gives infact a big satisfation and it develops the feeling to move on the project.

Feed-back and approval

The manager role is so obviusly the one to keep an overview on the moving of the project. 

Control the planning, claim the priorities, are important duties. Asana helps during the execution by allowing the graphic view of the project progress and of the common calendar.

In the company mind 2020 though is even important to partecipate, by giving clear feed-backs and even by showing your own approval. 

A team that knows what to do and what not, will surely move on faster in the project. 

Manage the peaks on Asana

The graphic and dynamic view of the planning can be a very useful instrument for the manager. Identify in advance the hardest periods when many deadlines overlap, allows even to avoid situations that will slow down the project.  

In this way it will be even possible to better share the resources. Right as a trainer, the manager will be able to share the duties and to determinate the priorities. 

Even the manage of the peaks is infact part of the philosophy “agile” and it has the purpose to avoid the collapse of the team and of the single one. In the company 2020, is very important infact to try to avoid burn-outs for an overload of work.

Trello against Asana

If you are dealing with the hamlet doubt between Trello and Asana, the best solution is to wonder what do you need.  

If you would like to check the many projects of small-medium size, which don’t have to interact between themselves, Trello is a great solution. 

Trello is infact more intuitive and it is easier to use for who is at the beginning. The impact of an error in the system is surely smaller, due that the project aren’t connect between themselves. 

Trello infact is more intuitive and easier to use for who is at the beginning.
Trello infact is more intuitive and easier to use for who is at the beginning.

On Asana instead you will risk to make a domino effect that will affect all the projects. Asana infact gives more possibility to interact. Even the integration toward external systems like Microsoft Office, Adobe, Slack, Salesforce is perfect to guarantee the interdisciplinarity of the project. 

Small and big companies can so benefit of both the programs. It all depends about what is the topic of the game!


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