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Galaxy Fold2 and the other news by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold2

Samsung amazed everyone with its box full of news: new smartphones, tablets and even a smartwatch. The new devices were presented all during the event Galaxy Unpacked that took place in streaming because of the covid. Especially the smartphones presented are three, between which the new Galaxy Fold2 which is the successor of the Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone with flexible screen.

Galaxy Fold2 will it be right time?

The Galaxy Fold, when it was released, made talk about itself, especially because it was very fragile and the fold tended to ruin. It seems that Samsung this time solved some problems, by improving one of the most innovative models of the panorama of the mobile phones.

A first new is right the screen which has larger sizes compared with the first version: 7,6 inches about the internal and 6,2 for the external one. The design is elegant but very functional, it is available in three colours: Mystic black, Mystic green and Mystic bronze.

Samsung Galaxy Fold2
The three colours available of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold2  Mystic black, Mystic green and Mystic bronze

It’s then interesting even the connection ever closer with Microsoft. Not only new productions for the world Windows and a new Cloud for the Xbox, now even a hardware specific for the mobile.

Infact the hallmark of the Galazy Fold, which is the presence of the S Pen, was further improved thanks to the cooperation with Microsoft. Now it is possible to write notes only by writing on the screen to have a readable text, which is promptly ready to be used on messages and emails.

Therefore with Microsoft it is possible to access to the notes written with S Pen straight from the PC, the two environmentes infact will communicates ever more between each other. Not only Samsung Notes will sincronyze itself with Microsoft OneNote and Outlook, but the notes will be visible both on Outlook, the list To Do and even on Teams.

Galaxy Note 20

Futhermore the new trade deal will allow since the 15th of september to have the subscription for the Xbox Game Ultimate to play more than 100 games with the smartphone. Infact the new Galaxy Note 20 is thought right for the gaming, starting from the display AMOLED 2X with a frequence of upgrading of 120 Hz.

Galaxy note 20
The new Galaxy Note 20 is perfect for the gaming and to realize professional videos and pictures

Even the battery has been re-thought: it’s equipped with ultra fast charge that can charge in 30 minutes more than the 50% of the battery. Finally the photographic section is well made with a 8K camera and video pro mode with 120 photograms per second even in FHD for real cinema style videos.

The tablet Samsung and the smartwatch

Many claims that the Galaxy Fold2 would like to replace the tablet. For who instead prefer anyway the tablet can try the Tab s7 or the Tab s7+ which were presented during the Galaxy Unpacked. These two new instruments are thought for videocalls and streaming. The display infact has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and it can be even used as second screen. Thanks to the powerful processor both of the tablets are great even to manage last generation videogames.

Il tab di Samsung
Samsung presented even the new tablet thought for video and gaming

Then Samsung presented even a new smartwatch which is very elegant. Precise measurements for the heartbeat and measurement of the oxygen in the blood. There will be even the new Running Analysis that will give useful information to better run and to improve the physical shape by avoiding any problem during the workout.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 elegant and discreet, certificated IP68 and MIL-STD-810G

The smartwatch Galaxy Watch3 is available in two size with case of 45 mm or 41 mm. Both are certificated IP68, which means that it is dust and water proof up to 5 atmospheres and shock proof with the certification MIL-STD-810G.

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