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Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip to the Oscar

The foldable smartphone Samsung

During the Oscar night was unveiled the new Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung released a promotional clip of few seconds right during the most important night for the cinema.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

A foldable smartphone, it was officially presented the last 11 of february, after being partially unveiled during the Oscar night. The peculiarities are mainly two: the foldable screens (an experiment that many are attempting) and the size, which are much smaller compared with the ones of which we are used to.

Samsung realized a square smartphone, practical to keep in the pocket, but even in the bag. The case is changeable, both in the version Mirror Black and in the Mirror Purple one.

galaxy z flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with its cover

Infinity Flex Display, that’s the name of the foldable display of the Galaxy Z Flip, it’s a Dynamic AMOLED screen with reduced emissions of blue light and a really high range of colours. There isn’t a real notch, but the selfies’ camera appears like a small frontal hole, the opened screen measures 6,7 inches.

The material with which the flexible screen is realized is a particular kind of glass, Samsung calls it Ultra Thin Glass, which is able to be flexible and it guarantees an usage without limits. The screen is then covered by a thiny layer of protective plastic material, so to be much stronger. We can see and feel the fold, like all the foldable smartphones, but we will quickly get used of it.

Therefore the opening is adjustable and the zip autonomously cleans itself to be ever more efficient. This peculiarity of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip allows to realize video or videocalls without have to keep the smartphone in the hand, even the auto shot will be easier to do by leaving the phone whenever we want.

But it doens’t always was with full screen, infact it’s possible even to use the mode Flex: which splits screen and so in the upper part there will be the display, while in the back part there will be the commands.

This mode allows even the usage of the window Multi Attiva, which shows two applications simultaneosly for a multitasking usage.

The other surprises of the new smartphone Samsung

But what does happen when the Galaxy Z Flip is closed? The notifications are equally visible on the case next to the cameras. By touching then the notification the phone will autonomously open the correct app once opened the screen.

galaxy z flip
The notifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are visible even with the screen closed

But how long the battery last? On the smartphone in reality are installed two batteries for a total of 3.300 mAh, then they are managed by a program to better use them. The storage space is 256 GB, while the processor is 7 nm with a RAM of 8 GB which is perfect to see the video in streaming.

The cameras are both of 12 megapixel, one of them is ultra wide angle lens, which perfect for panoramic pictures, it realizes even videos in UHD of 4K full of particulars. While the camera dedicated to the selfies has 10 megapixel.

Thom Browne Edition

It was just released but it already has a special version: the Thom Browne Edition. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in this case has a grey case with the traditional red, white and blue line of the brand Thom Browne.

In the special box there are even the watch Galaxy Watch Active2 with two wristbands, of which one is matched with the smartphone’s colours and the Galaxy Buds+ which are matched too.

Both for the smartphone and for the smartwatch we can then use the wallpapers created for it. The rétro ringtone, the keyboard with the same rumor of a typewriter and the matched icons with an unique and refined style.

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