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The Galaxy Book S, Flex and Ion arrive

The new models of laptop by Samsung

Samsung claims its return in the european marketplace of the personal computers with the new Galaxy Book. Let’s find out it together. Integration with the mobile devices and extreme connectivity: these are the characteristics of the new devices.

They will be available since the first days of july, they will be purchasable from the web site samsung.com and in the main shops of informatic and electronic. The Galaxy Book are available in three formats: the model S (price 1.229 euros), the model Ion (price 1.429 euros) and the model Flex (price 1.699 euros).

Galaxy Book S

For the model S we discover a CPU Core Intel i5 of new generation that will allow power and efficiency in the performances. Infact thanks to this technology there will be a better balance in the processes, allowing much higher performances even in the battery consumptions.

It should have a last of 17 hours becoming one of the strong point of the Galaxy Book S. But that’s not all, there is infact even the Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) the door Thunderbolt 3 (up to eight times faster than an USB 3.0) and the door UFS (five times faster than a normal microSD).

galaxy book
Very thin and compact the model S is comfortable to carry with us.

Even the thickness of this notebook is interesting, infact thanks to the design planned in the minimum details there aren’t cooling fans and the notebook is only 11.8 mm thick. It’s light like a feather, it weights less than a kilo, becoming extremely comfortable to carry in every situation.

The access to the PCs is safe thanks to the button of Windows Hello for the finger print recognition. The buttons then are in lattex backlighted comfortable to not doing noise and to write without errors even in the dark.

Flex and Ion

But let’s find out the two most interesting models of Galaxy Book. Let’s start from the fact that both are equipped with a display QLed and this time it’s an absolute new, before of them no one of the notebooks ever had a display QLed of this kind.

The display is a touch screen panel of 13,3 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel, very bright. Thanks to the Outdoor mode the light increases by arriving to 600 nit and allowing so the maximum visibility even under the direct light of the Sun.

Flex though is different, in this case, because it’s equipped with a zip that allows a rotation of 360° of the screen. It’s very useful even the Tablet mode that, thanks to the S Pen, will allow to write the notes in every moment.

It is an extremely useful function for all the jobs that requires to move, creativity and the need to always have within reach our own project to modify. Even Flex then is very light: it only weights 950 grams for a thick of just 12,9 millimeters.

galaxy book
The model of Galaxy Book Ion has a white case extremely iridescent with pink and light blue tones

Both for the Flex and the Ion version there is the function Wireless Power Share, which is very interesting because it allows to recharge (by using the Touchpad) the smartphones equipped with technology of Wireless recharge.

You will be able then to charge even the Wireless Galaxy Buds or anyway all the devices (wearable and not) equipped with the Qi.

Always for both the models of Galaxy Book we find a processor Intel Core of tenth generation, the Comete Lake, even them with connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt 3.

Ion instead has something glamour: the external of the case is characterized by an iridiscent finishing on white base. Its battery then is even more performing by arriving to 22 hours of autonomy.

It is perfect to watch movies and tv series. It has infact the some speakers able to increase the volume of the 178% compared with the normal laptop without sound discrepancies, certificated by AKG of Harman.

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