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Galaxy Fold is the new smartphone by Samsung

Galaxy Fold

Samsung started the presale in Italy of its new Galaxy Fold, the first smartphone with foldable screen, after presented it nine months ago. The price of this new ultra technologic device is 2000 euros. There were really many expectations about it, especially because many competitors prefered to further wait before the launch of the foldable screens.

After the first proofs we already come to the conclusion that the screen, which is beautiful and innovative, was though too fragile and often it broken only by activating the closing mechanism, for this reason Samsung in the last months worked to avoid this to happen. Therefore it even tried to find a way to avoid that dust and impurity won’t damage the fragile mechanism.

Technical characteristics of the Galaxy Fold

The screen has a technology Dynamic AMOLED of 7,3 inches realized with an innovative polymeric material, which is extremely flexible and thin, it results so the bigger one between the smartphones Galaxy.

Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold closed, with the screen for the notifications activated

The opening mechanism allows to open the screen like a book and it tested up to 200.000 times, hopening that they are enough. Contrary you will soon discover the advantages of the insurance Care+ that Samsung created specifically for this product. Besides the warnings about the usage included in the insurance, once activated the account you will have further suggests about how to use this extremely fragile concentrated of technology. Once closed it takes few space, but it isn’t so thin as we think, it isn’t infact really comfortable to put in the pocket.

Another consideration about the screen is the middle fold, which appears like a sagging toward the inside, Samsung claims that with the time we will get use to it and that it won’t be so visible. The screen is really big, thanks to the new software technologies, with Galaxy Fold it will allow to use simultaneously three apps, by sharing the space to really be multitasking.

This smartphone is equipped with six cameras: an ultra-wide angle of 16 MP camera, a main camera with 12 MP and a tele lens always with 12 MP. The other three cameras are dedicated to the selfies: one of 10 MP on the additional external screen, the other two are instead placed on the internal screen, one is 10 MP, the other one has 8 MP of depth, this combination allows to realize sophisticated selfies.

Galaxy Fold
The detail of the six cameras

The videos can be realized in 4k UHD and HDR10+, to obtain extremely detailed video images. The CPU is a Snapdragon 855 octa-core of 64-bit, with a RAM of 12 GB and an internal memory of 512 GB. Even if at the beginning it wasn’t predicted now the smartphone has a connectivity 5G. To finish the battery is 4.380 mAh with a quick charge even wireless.

The first rumors about its successor

The Galaxy Fold just came out, but one already talks about its successor. Infact it seems that Samsung was able to sign the exclusive with a corean supplier for the supply of a new flexible glass. This to make the smartphone much more strong, which otherwise sins of extreme fragility. The corean company should be the Dolnsys, that produces extremely thin tempered glass plates which can be even folded, without break itself. Currently the company is able to produce a glass about 100 micrometers thick, but they are already developing versions of 30 micrometers and Samsung is focusing right on it. The company could use them even for other devices like tablets and laptops.

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