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Smart Fridge, when your fridge talks

smart fridge

Do you know what a smart fridge is? It’s a last generation fridge that has the ability to remember all your eating habits and to help you to choose the food missed.

The smart fridge talks

The first one to instal their own operating system on a fridge were the guys of Samsung. The vocal assistant Bixby, already since the 2017, can be connected to the Samsung fridges of last generation of the serie Family Hub 2.0

smart fridge
With the dashboard of a smart fridge you can control even the other house appliances

Bixby was thought to help and to assist the users in the daily usage of their own device. This instrument uses the artificial intelligence and the deep learning, technologies that allow to the assistant to learn ever more about the liking and the choices of the user. Here you have so that even for the house appliances connected, functionings and answers improve with the usage and the time. 

On your smart fridge you can watch the sport

And here you have another new of the talking fridge: you can watch the television on it. The fridges Family Hub 2.0 of Samsung have a preinstalled system with Tizen that allows the sharing of the screen of your own smartphone on the fridge. 

The LCD screen of these smart fridges are touch ID and they have a home page from which you can control all the electronic devices of the kitchen (sometimes even of the whole house).

So, thanks to the screen mirroring you can watch on your fridge your favourite programs and the matches of your favourite team. 

A control panel good enough for a shuttle

The fridge becomes the panel control of the whole house, almost it’s the dashboard of a shuttle.

Between the specifics of these new smart fridges Family Hub there are infact even 2 internal cameras and 2 integrated speakers, besides to the classic functions cooling that are powered compared to a normal fridge. 

The screen LCD and Touch screen of the new smart frdges is practical and easy to use

On the screen you can set with the function “Settings” your weekly grocery, your daily meals and even to program and to check the deathlines of the food inside it. 

So, with your smart fridge you can have the possibility to set your own lifestyle, easier, faster, but especially healtier. Inside the operating system of the fridge infact there are even functions about the nutrition and the storage of the food. 

Another interesting thing that you can do is to leave messages to your relatives. Goodbye post-it where to write “I love you” or even “Have a nice day”; with a smart fridge you can say to it: it is the function post-it – rightly – that allows to leave on the home page of the fridge a message in evidence. Very useful even as memo for meetings, medical tests or to do list.

About the reminder

If your problem is to remember the things, a smart fridge can help you to keep the focus about what you have in program for the day. Do you know how? By showing you Google Calendar on the main screenshot. With an easy touch you will have your own calendar with meetings and memos on your own fridge. 

It’s a function that can seem useless, because it is right what you can do by watching to your smartphone or your tablet. Let’s say that it is perfect for the ones that in the morning don’t want to wake up and forget the mobile phone in the bedroom or in the bath room, when they go with the closed eyes inside the kitchen for the cooffe: while opening the fridge to take the milk or the yogurt for the breakfast they are able to check their daily duties with a click.

smart fridge
Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Why should we buy one?

It’s true, this smart fridge has a price that can seem too high. Many on the web dissuggest to buy it because the quality-price rate isn’t equal. Therefore, many say that while the technology of these fridges upgrades, this technology doesn’t fit anymore with the fridge that we bought but only to the new ones. 

So, there are mixed opinions, but there is something sure: buying a last generation fridge can be a great investment for the future, to save about energy, but especially to better manage the house and the family starting from the food that we eat. 

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