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The foldable screens don’t convince

Are the foldable screens too much fragile?

The race to the foldable screens started. The smartphones’ producers need a solution to reduce the size without reducing the screen’s size, for this reason double screens and foldable screens were born. And if in the first case the aesthetics and the confort is lacking, for the second ones there are too many problems. Even though delays and review, they still don’t completely convince and even the dedicated guarantees and the insurances aren’t enough.

The foldable models in the marketplace

There is who does not trust them and studies a double screen, which is able to enlarge the available space for the applications and the reading too, like LG with the model G8x ThinQ, who instead is trying to amaze with the foldable screens.

There is Samsung which does it with the new Galaxy Fold: 7,3 inches made with a special polymeric material which is really thin and flexible, but it’s already the second attempt. The first screen infact broke while closing, so Samsung changed the closure, it makes it safer and put the smartphone back in the marketplace guaranteeing a stronger screen. By the way, few days before the release of the Galazy Fold, one already talks about a successor, with a stronger glass with a thikness of only 30 micrometers.

Foldable screens
The foldable screen by Huawei Mate X can’t be opened at -5° C

But Samsung doesn’t give up and it launches another foldable screen, the Galaxy Z Flip, by showing it for the first time during the Oscar night. The Z Flip surprise everyone for its really reduced sizes and the square format. The screen, which is called Infinity Flex Display, is a Dynamic AMOLED covered by an Ultra Thin Glass, which is guarantee as a really durable screen.

But Samsung isn’t alone, even Hauawei tries the way of the foldable screen with the X Mate Falcon Wing, with an edge to edge screen. Meanwhile Motorola launches a big classic, the Razr, restored in a modern version, which means that it has inside a 6.2 inches foldable screen.

Are the foldable screens weakest?

The techincal are different, but it seems that in the long time the results are always the same ones. Infact Samsung passes from the plastic screen of the Galazy Fold to the glass one of the Z Flip without being able to solve the weaky problems.

Some external tests showed how the Ultra Thing Glass is really fragile, and it can’t effort not even the smaller rubbings by easily scratching itself. In a video made by Zack Nelson it is possible to see how the glass is sensitive even to the nail. Interviewed about it Samsung explains that the change of the screen costs “only” a hundred of dollars and the application of a further protection for the glass is always free, it’s easy to understand the reason.

But not even the competitor is able to be more performing. A reporter talks about the Motorola Razr, he had pointed out how his smartphone detached right between the case and the display, by creating an unconfortable bubble.

Foldable screens
The strenght tests by Zac Nelson on the Ultra Thing Glass of the Galaxy Z Flip

Maybe at the moment the only one that didn’t have any problem is Huawei even if a note in the instructions can be really suspicious about its weakness. The allert is the one to not open the smartphone with temperatures under the -5° C. No winter holidays so for the Mate X, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Maybe it worst to wait a bit more before to buy a smartphone with the foldable screen, it really seems that the race between the producers is going to avoid some test useful to guarantee a reliable product.

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