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Youtube the social of the tutorial and much more

Youtube the social of the videos changed. It becomes a reference point for everyone wants to do some activities on the carpet of the living room or that started to buy on-line and would like some suggests about what buy.

Youtube the social of the tutorial

Until last year Youtube was the social of the tutorials. A platform where you could find specific videos that teaches you how to realize many things by yourself. A tutorial is infact a mini guide that helps the users to learn step by step to do something.

On Youtube there are many kinds of them, most of them talk make up and hairstyle, but you can find even tutorials for the creation of home made gifts and recipes.

Youtube and the courses online

Before  the lockdown that kept us closed at home for more than 40 days, Youtube was having a decrease of users and views. During the period of the quarantine instead he came back to life thanks to many youtubers that created some free video courses about the workout, the free time and the enterteinment.

youtube the social courses
Youtube the social of the free online courses

Currently the number of channels of Youtube with more than a million of members grown up to the 65% compared with the 2019 and many youtubers are becoming famous and are earning breathtaking amounts of money thanks to cooperations with structures, services and market place.

Youtube the social for who loves travel

We talked about tutorials and video courses, but we don’t have to forget that Youtube is an endless source of informations especially for who loves travel. Infact, if you want to do a trip or a holiday, more than the 70% of the users google gets informations about the place that wants to visit on Youtube.

youtube the social of the travel blogger
Youtube is the most used social by the travel blogger to improve their storytelling

There are many travel bloggers that complete their travel experience by making videos that are viewed by million of users. These videos very often are real documentary where they show us what to do, where to eat or sleep, so, a travel guide with suggests and specific tips to not be surprised.

How to improve the experience on the platform

We saw which are the contents of Youtube the social of the video tutorial, of the free courses and of the travel experiences. But how do we use Youtube social and how can we improve our experience on this platform?

First of all you must connect your google account with Youtube. Now you will have an Youtube account with the same name and you can freely surf looking for the video that you need. Not only, since this moment you will automatically have your own Youtube social platform where you can upload your video and show them to the users.

Using researching tags

As well as every respected social even on Youtube we look for the topics through some reference tags. At the middle on the top of the home page of your profile you will find a research bar. There you can put the key phrase about the topic that you are looking for, but be careful to not be too wordy: write only short phrases that include two or three specific keywords.

youtube the social tag
Using the right research tags is very important to surf on Youtube

Youtube will find for you the most famous videos about the topic. Between the first of the list you will find the ones with the required tags and the most viewed.

Basically let’s use Youtube the social of the vidoes to learn new things, to entertain yourself while you are at home and to get inspired by the experience of the others. It is easy and quick, maybe this is the most intuitive social that doesn’t force its users to download contents, but it allows to develop their knowledges.

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