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Interactive and online museum for the phase 2

The museums become interactive and on demand

The phase 2 started from a while and often it isn’t clear yet how to restart so to make everything accessible and safe for everyone. But there is a sector that seems very open minded, by fully using the technology and they are the museums. The new password is technology: interactive museums, always opened to all thanks to internet.

How the museum changes

It all starts during the phase 1, the museums of the world create new initiatives to not be forgotten. Online contents, video visits, even games and spaces dedicated only to the children are promoted on the official social channels. Many are the museums that challenged themselves even here in Italy, by constantelly upgrading their pages, producing contents and sharing the informations online.

interactive museums
The campain #museichiusiaperti realized by the museums during the lockdown

The doubt though is: was only the extra free time to push the italians to follow the museums online? Or is there a real interest that they discovered thanks to the lockdown? Will this popularity last with the time?

Sure, especially about the italian case, in the pre-covid age there was right a lack of presence of the museums on the socials or anyway online. The contents posted were stale and rare, mostly it was static websites. The phase 1 instead teached us that maybe it’s possible to create engagement even if we talk about culture, even if to talk about culture is right a museum.

interactive museums
“Le passeggiate del direttore” is the title of the videos to visit the egyptian museum during the lockdown

In order to make a social channel live though we don’t have to use only to promote shows, meetings or to propose discounts. Like many museums and culture activities did before.

But to realize interesting contents we need to know very well our own audience. Like for example the project of the Polytechnic of Milan Open Museums with Microsoft. Thanks to the platform Teams the museums can realize some guided visits where the students are able to interact with the experts in realtime.

The interactive and online museums

But will the museums live only with the virtual tours? It doesn’t mean. What is sure is that the virtual tour of the new Sale Veneziane launched by the Uffizi the last 22nd of april  viewed by over 110 thousand viewers. More than 4 thousand per day only for the new rooms and 3,8 millions for the other 21 virtual shows.

interactive museums
The videotour of the uffizi had millions of views in few days

The real innovation is anyway to create adding contents to find out in real time online thanks to our own smartphone. Seats that allow to interact with the works, games and discoveries to do in front to the historical artefact increase the interest of the user.

Bu the immersive experiences work well too, they were experimented before already, but that now they can have a revival thanks even to the big following that the museums are having on the socials.

The social of the museums bloomed again, with contents always upgraded for the many target

For the communication and marketing director of the Egyptian museum of Turin, Paola Matossi L’Orsa, in the future we will be able even to realize some specifical extra contents for the many targets to propose by subscription. Besides the idea to create exclusive contents dedicated to the “premium” users.

For the moment insyead between the innovations about the post lockdown opening there will be for many museums the online ticket. Even in this case before the pandemic the museums with online ticket were only half of them, now instead many are going to realize them.

So a relaunch of the sector thanks to the technology that, at least for the moment, gave a breath to the culture by proposing interactive and on-demand museums.

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