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Smartwatch: the most reviewed by the youtubers

How did the watch changed from its birth? But especially why is the smartwatch different and why we should buy one? And eve, which one we should buy between the many tech proposals available on the marketplace? Let’s see together which are the most reviewed smartwatch by the youtubers.

What is a smartwatch?

It is an intelligent watch that not only shows the time. To it you can connect your smartphone to keep under control with the many apps your health, your calls and your messages.

An example of smartwatch, which is a digital intelligent watch

Beween the many things that a smartwatch does you will have the possibility to manage your music, the geolocalization, your position and the position of your mobile phone (in case you lost it for example), or you can check your bedtime and the heartbeat.

Why should we buy one?

It is mostly bought by athletes and workaholic, which means all the people that need to keep everything under control. Thanks to many last generation smartwatches infact you can even don’t bring your smartphone: maybe if you are in a meeting and you want to leave the mobile phone in the office. Thanks to your technological watch you can always keep your notifications under control.

An athlete can listen the music in bluetooth by using right the smartwatch as a remote controller to choose his playlist, without need to use the application of Spotify on the mobile phone, or the integrated mediaplayer.

So, it is a very useful object, it’s easy to use and today it’s even very light to bring with us.

Which one to buy?

Here it’s where it gets interesting: it’s plenty of them! So how to choose the best one for our needs? An evaluation instrument is surely Youtube. On the famous social platform for video tutorial and reviewed, there are many channels dedicated to the technology that reviewed the smartwatch Samsung, Huawei or Apple. So, the more you have, the more you put.

Smartwatch Apple

It is surely one of the most famous and the most reviewed by the youtubers, even because it has an interesting design and it is an instrument that perfectly suit with the most sold mobile phone in the world. Currently the Apple Watch arrived to the serie 5 and every time it improves itself.

Apple Watch Serie5, the smartwatch with a clean and modern design with the screen ever active

With its 479,00€ it is the most expensive between the ones available on the marketplace, but for the Apple lovers it is a must have. It has a display that never sleeps, which means that it always shows time and date like a normal watch.

It encourage you to always move, by remembering how many steps you did since when you put it on your wrist and by checking all your daily activities. If you are too much sitting a notification will encourage you to not be too much sedentary.

The absolute new is the integration with Apple Pay with which you can pay everywhere you are only by passing the watch on the device contactless.

The new Galaxy Watch3 is arrived

We couldn’t miss in the list of the most reviewed by the youtubers the smartwatch Samsung, which is the new Galaxy Watch3. It has a vintage design, which is always very elegant and fashioned, this smartwatch has an advanced technology for the health.

Galaxy Watch3, the new arrived of the family Samsung

It costs a little bit less than its main competitor and it is a real digital assistant to your wrist: you can answer to the calls, watch images, flip through the chats.

Galaxy Watch3 suggests basic answer messages according to the context and it sends to you daily briefing about your activities. Furthermore, you can check the frame of the camera with a preview on the Watch.

In commerce there are even cheaper smartwatches

According to one of the best tech youtubers, Andrea Galeazzi, there are many smartwatches of the family Android that are perfect for the pockets of who can’t effort a Samsung or an Apple Samsung.

Honor Band 5 – The smartwatch with the best quality-price rate

Let’s see together the cheapest one suggested on his youtube channel, which is the Honor Band 5. Honor Band 5 is much more than a digital watch which is able to interface with your smartphone; we are talking about a watch that can work in multisport mode, for the passionated of fitness and for the ones that are on diet, but not only. It is water proof until 50 mt and with the function SpO2 Blood Oxygen, you can analize your physical condition and list your training plan.

A real jewel for your wrist that currently is sold around the 30€. An object with a high quality-price rate that allows to check the levels of the sleep, thanks to the dedicated app Huawei TruSleep tracker.

These are only some of the smartwatches that you have the possibility to buy to try a new experience of management easily and quicky for your day, by learning to keep under control of the things of your life: work, house, health and free time.

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