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Creator Studio: how to plan the posts on the socials

Did you know that it is important to have a social strategy  to increase views and followers on Facebook and Instagram? Well, in this article we will explain how to do it by using Creator Studio, the platform that helps the users to program post social.

What is Creator Studio?

Let’s call it “support”, a new function of Facebook and Instagram that allows, between the other things, to plan your own posts on the two social networks.

It is an useful instrument especially for brands, companies and social media manager that want to study winning social strategies that make more visibility to their channels of sale of products and/or services.

Why should we use Creator Studio?

To use it are mainly who has a Facebook page and an Instagram profile where they show and sale products and services (even the bloggers use it a lot to share the contents of their websites).

Until a few ago we were used to work on the bacheca of the company Fan page and at least we used external instruments to schedule the post social.

creator studio social strategy
With Creator Studio is possible to learn how to set and manage a social strategy that helps us to grow up on Facebook and Instagram.

One of these instruments was Hootsuite, which is still today a landmark for the social media manager that work to the social strategy of more than 10 companies.

Zuckenberg though did a step forward

For the manage of the editorial calendar of Facebook the creator of the primordial social network created this new platform for the management of their own social channels.

What can it do?

Creator Studio has many fucntions:

  • Check and use the contents.
  • Read and answer to the messages.
  • Study the statistics of the pages.
  • Use the audio collections Facebook.
  • Follow the monetization on the social.

Basically here you have what you need to manage the strategy of the organic contents. While the Business Manager is intented for the advertising, with Creator Studio then you can activate video directs, upload clips, make audio tracks, plan posts and images. So, here you can do content marketing.

How do we activate it?

It’s easy, it’s enough to have a Facebook account, to connect to it a social page and the play started. On the top of the tools of the page you will find the homonimous tab through which you can have access to the service.

creator studio facebook account
To start to use Creator Studio it’s enough to have a Facebook account.

Now you will be able to decide to publish a post straight from here (or to plan it) or you can put in your page multimedia contents (video and music).

About the Multimedia

As you know the quality of the multimedia contents is important to make engagement and Facebook knows it. That’s why thanks to Creator Studio now you can better take care of the video contents by using a music library without copyright.

Inside the platform, infact, you can find a section full of musics, soundtracks and audio effects for your videos. This function can be used only with the computer and it is the real news introduced by Zuckenberg.

Facebook and Instagram, connected

If you aren’t convinced yet that use Creator Studio is useful, let’s talk about thte management of Facebook and Instagram together.

creator studio instagram account
With Creator Studio is possible to plan the posts even on Instagram.

Thanks to this platform you can set an editorial work for images that helps the two socials to interact between them by creating a combined engagement. Even if very often the audience of Facebook is different than the Instagram one, but it’s even true that the contents upload from the PC have a better quality.

Pro and cons of Creator Studio

The benefits of this possibility are clear:

  • You have everything under control.
  • You can better manage FB.
  • There are new instruments.
  • You speed up many operations.

Creator Studio is a reality that changed and will go on changing the work on the social. Why? Because it will become ever more the main speaker for the manage of the contents, by moving the choices of the users. So, why don’t to start to use this resource?

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