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Playstation 5 out in August? A gamer can dream

Will August bring news about the Playstation 5 release?

When will the new Playstation 5 be out? It’s what longtime fans and user of the worldwide famous Sony console have been wondering for a while now. Since last year, hype for  the new Playstation only grew higher and higher. Yet with the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic in the early months 2020, entire manufacturing sectors were frozen and gamers could only hold their breath.

Now, however, the final hour seems to have rolled. Will the Playstation 5 really be announced in August? As rumors of a new State of Play event grew more and more widespread, longtime Sony aficionados were immediately hopeful.

Sony should soon be making “an important announcement” regarding the long awaited new console. Could the official release date be looming closer? Let’s find out.

Playstation 5, the long wait may be over in August

It was Bloomberg who first announced that August may be a month of thrilling news for Sony gamers. The rumors leave little to no doubt; by the end of month, Sony should release some “highly anticipated” official announcements about the new Playstation release over the course of a dedicated event.

So what is Sony going to announce later this month? The gaming world at large agrees that the news ought to be about the brand new console’s release date – and hopefully sooner rather than later.

August's State of Play
A first State of Play was held on August 6th – but no release date was given

But there’s more that videogame lovers look foward to know, such as the new Playstation 5‘s tech specs and an official overview of its new interface.

Alternatively, Sony could be introducing the new upcoming videogames for the Playstation 5. The hype that surrounds the second episode of God of War is a strong indicator of how much gamers are looking foward to this release.

Pre-release and commercials all over fall; could the PS5 be released this November?

Should Bloomberg be really on to something, then the fall of 2020 would  bring great news into the gaming world.

Fans are eagery awaiting for Sony to open the preorders. The company promised that the pre-release of the PS5 should be announced way ahead of time.

As a matter of fact, Sony expects pre-orders to be flooding in after the new, highly-awaited console will hit the stands.

Playstation 5 preorders
Pre-orders for the new Playstation 5 may begin in August?

If this was to prove true, then the Playstation 5 would be advertised all through out September and October with exclusive sneak peeks, new videogame titles and hands-on featurettes.

According to the latest estimations, the PS5 may be available in physical and online stores as early as of October or November 2020. And gaming fans all agree that – if we are to believe the rumors – the new Playstation is really going to be worth the wait.

Macquarie Capital’s stats on the Playstation 5 sales

Analyst Damian Thong, from Macquarie Capital, also told Bloomberg that the Playstation 5 may get an head start on competitors in the first months of 2020.

The stats leave no room for doubts – the new console’s going to be a hit for Sony. In a few months from its release, sales figure may very well skyrocket to 6k and even further. In no small part this will be due to the wide selection of videogames already available – even as gamers wait for a sleath of PS5-specific new titles.

Cresce l'attesa per la nuova Playstation
The new Playstation could very well sell up to 6k new units, analysts say

Games that were originally developed for the Playstation 4 will be fully compatible with the new console and allow the user to experience a new, ultra-engaging game experience.

Thong also stated that the price for the Playstation 5 may  be estimated around 500 dollars for the full version (with integrated optical reader) or ranging to somewhat slightly cheaper at 400 dollars (without reader). A solid investment that may determine a boost in Sony’s incomes, and the beginning of a new era for gamers.

Shall the Xbox Series X take the challenge head on? It’s not out of the picture that August may bring an intensive advertising campaign for the new Xbox, Sony’s longtime opponent. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What’s for sure is that as August keeps rolling by, gamers will be guaranteed to hold their breath as the gaming world moves on to new, exciting heights.

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