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Free Apple Arcade: which games should we try

Free Apple Arcade

There is a good new: for every person that will buy an Apple product there will be released a free access for three months to Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a service of games in subscription made in Cupertino. On the online platform it’s possible to access to more than 100 games, all of them included in the 4,99 euros for month, after the free trial month. There isn’t a discount packet for the annual subscription, but you can remove the contract in every moment without fee and, which is interesting, it is possible to plat to almost all the games even offline. Therefore you won’t have any advertising and no other added costs to play to the titles. In this article we will suggest some games that you can’t miss with the subscription to Apple Arcade for free.

To what we should play with the subscription to the free Apple Arcade

If you just bought, or if you are planning to buy, an apple product like an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac you can forget about the subscription for at least three months. Here you have what you should try while you are enjoying your free Apple Arcade subscription.

On Apple Arcade you can find games of all genre: from Fantasian to Sonic Racing, from LifeLike to Overland. Between the most famous developers there are Annapurna Interactive, Cartoon Network, Konami, Lego, Sega, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Ken Wong and Will Wright.
We propose so some titles that you can’t miss if you have an active subscription:

Beyond a Steel Sky

This title is the sequel of the game Beneath a Steel Sky of the 1994 and it has a very evocative environment in cyberpunk style. It will conquer you for its sophisticated riddles and the well kept graphic, a must see!


Butter Royal
A battle with sausages and lollipops

Butter Royale

A battle royale with the food: your weapons will be prosciuttos and spray cans with whip cream, but you will move on a map and the fights will be very intense. All of it though for short rounds of 4 minutes to eat, ehm, to play one after the other!

The Last Campfire

If after the long battles of the previous title you just need a little bit of relax you can’t miss the new title of Hello Games. In The Last Campfire you will wear the shoes of an original guide soul and, by solving many riddle games, you will free the souls trapped in the one that is a purgatory. Don’t worry, the environment won’t be creepy, otherwise, you will walk around relaxing environments with a zen atmosphere. Even the soundtrack has something relaxing, all of it makes it the perfect game for an after work.

Apple arcade free: The Last Campfire
The Last Campfire, a relaxing title with a simple and funny graphic, to make peace with the world

Next stop Nowhere

If you love the science-fiction and the well made conversations, so you must try this title included in the free Apple Arcade subscription. You will have to follow the story of two passengers of a spaceship that are travelling to the limits of the solar system. The purpose is the one to bring together the family and to fight dangerous villains. You will enjoy the vintage graphic of the ’80s and the well made talks. 

Apple arcade free: neo cab
Neo Cab is a philosophical title for the hard hearts, jump on a taxi and find out one of your possible futures

Neo Cab

This title is for who keeps the feet on the ground and, even while playing, wants something to reflect. Neo Cab infact takes place in a future where the machines took the place of the humans in almost all the jobs and the player will play a driver that is running his last kilometers before to leave his place to the robots.
Through the talk with the passengers he will think about his life, about his future and about the future of humanity, that’s a lot!

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