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Tale of Crows: the game of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Tale of Crows

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is the videogame inspired to the homonymous TV serie Game of Thrones that you can find for iPhone, Mac and iPad. A storytell experience with interactive elements in idle real-time style: the game goes on in real time, by forcing you to take some breaks sometimes, when the player must take a decision. The peculiarity is that the story goes on in background even when we aren’t playing. 

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows

The Night guardians were born eight thousand of years before that Jon Snow arrived and that he started to protect the Barrier and the Edges of Westeros.

In the game we will find out so the events that contributed to create their story: heroic battles, explorations of badlands, conspiracies and mysteries. 

Game of Thrones Tale of Crows
The screenshot of Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows of the Barrier with a large view of the game map

The player will be part of the Guard on the Shadow of the Barrier by seeing the many Lords Comanders of the Black Castle.

A game to explore the Barrier and the endless lands over it, maybe the most interesting part of the whole saga created by George R. R. Martin. It’s perfect for the lovers of the serie and of the books that might enjoy it, discover places filled with mystery of the edges of Westeros and get around that such loved place.


The game is managed by a text interface from which it’s possible to choose between many options. Infact it’s all about take decisions and wait the consequences of our choices, be careful the times are a bit longer, like we said. Between an action and another, because of the long distances and the lack of vehicles back in that time, we can wait for many minutes. Under it though the game still goes on, by giving you the possibility to leave and to come back to the game many times during the day to see what is happening meanwhile. 

In Tale of Crows you must take many decisions to manage the Black Castle, the Barrier and all the expeditions of goods beyond it. You must even decide the profile to take during the conversations and the topics to treat. But there will be even moments when you will have to decide which comanders give to the expeditions by choosing the one with the most perfect characteristics for the mission of the moment, this is the most strategic part of the game.

Game of Thrones Tale of Crows
In Tale of Crows the text is very small compared with the total screen, which means it is a bit hard to read

Don’t wait though for big drama moments like in the serie or in the books. Forget even the long storytells with accurate descriptions, the descriptions here are shorter. Even the conversations are shorter, few sentences and you go over. 

Sure it can be an advantage for who doesn’t want to read too much, especially on the mobile phone. Basically Tale of Crows is an interesting experience to discover a specific part of the saga of Game Of Thrones by letting you greatly wear the shoes of the player. The choices to take aren’t banal, infact there aren’t consequences which are easily to predict, this is often the most surprising part of the game. 

The graphic style remembers the cel-shading with strong lights and depth shadows, portions of scenarios are enlighted and suspended on a neutral background. The graphic is easy and it remembers the comic books, but it is able to well create the sideral environment of the areas at the north of the Seven Kingdoms. 

The game interface then is greatly integrated with a very elegant and linear graphic. The only flaw is the text which is too small, even though it is short and very important in the game. Another flaw is that sometimes is hard to see the active elements of the game and we need to wander aroud the whole map. 

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