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How to extend the RAM of the computer

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As the years go by it can be needed to extend, or to improve, the computer or the laptop’s memory, which are for example the modules RAM (Random Access Memory) or the data storage’s memory.

The RAM’s increasing, for example, is useful to support the simultaneously opening of many programms, and it can be even a good way to save on the purchaise of a new personal computer and then extend independently the RAM.

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Why to expand the memory RAM

Expand the memory RAM of our own computer is really easy. It is an affordable operation to all due that really often the PC’s producers make accesible the expansion’s slot.

We don’t need to do special operations before the installation like happens, instead, when we would like to replace the Hard Disk (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD). By the way, this is a needed operation to complete the RAM’s expansion to make our own PC more fast and performing.

How much to expand the RAM

The first step to expand the memory RAM is the one to verify which is the operating system that we have. On a Windows engine for example, it is enough to check if we have a hardware structure of 64 bit, to be sure that the system will recognise more than 3GB of RAM.

Nowadays everyone or at least the biggest part of the PC (desktop and notebook) are of 64 bit. If we have a Windows 10, to be sure will be enough to open the control panel, click on the page “System and safety”, then on “System” and read the relative details on the voice “System type”.

If we will read “64 bit Operating System, processor focused on x64“, it means that the computer is prepared to the expansion of the memory RAM, contrary, of 32 bit, so a processor focused on x86, the maximum of the memory of Windows will be unfortunatelly less then 4GB .

Control Panel Page.

The second step is the one to numerically verify if it is really needed to do this step. To do it it is enough, in every page we are, to simultaneously press the buttons Ctrl, Maiusc and Esc so to see the window Activities Management.

Here we will be in front of many windows; the one that we need is the second one, which is “Performances”. The second voice, in order, will be up to the memory and it will give all the needed details about the installed memory RAM and about the available slots.

When the using memory is equal or higher than 75% it is suggested to buy an added memory.

Activities management page.

How to choose the compatible memory RAM

To choose the most suitable RAM with our own PC and, so, to avoid that the added one wont’ be red by the PC or, in worst cases, it will create tension and/or thermic changes, by compromising the functioning of the terminal, we will need to verify in the page of “Activities management” about the Memory the kind of RAM supported by our own laptop.

The parameters to know are three. The first one can be red on the top on the right and it is about the kind of memory RAM. The most spreaded is the DDR3, but we can see even a DDR, DDR2 or even the most recent DDR4.

The second parameter is about the speed of the RAM, measured in MHz: the most common one that you can find now on a laptop is for example the 1600 MHz, if it is a last generation notebook it is easier that it is a DDR4 of 2133 MHz.

We can find this value on the bottom on the right of the page and it is followed by informations about the used memory’s slots and the total ones, the form factor and the memory’s portion reserved for the hardware.

The third and last parameter to know in the choise of an added memory RAM for our personal computer, finally, is due to the mentioned form factor.

This value have to be on all the portable computers mentioned on the SODIMM, becuase the first two letters are the acronym of Small Outline and they indicate that it is a portable memory and, so, less cumbersone compared with the memories DIMM that are used in the desktop computers.

How to install the memory RAM


About the assembly of a memory RAM, we need to follow the indications of the notebook’s producer (Asus, HP, Acer, Lenovo, ecc…). According to this parameter, infact, it can change the access to the slot let available for the user.

Generally, we access to the slot just unscrewing one or two screws on the back of the computer, in a separate compartment. While if it is a desktop computer it will be enough to take out two screws from the side panel so to immediately access to the mainboard.

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