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The future of the school and the technology

The children in the school of the future

With the increase of the usage of the technology in our life, often one wonders how this will really be integrated in the school of the future.

Nowadays it’s ever more possible to find inside the schools, besides the computers, the l.i.m. The l.i.m. is an interactive multimedia blackboard that allows to project images where it’s possible to write on them, there are then school books that provides specific contents for these interactive blackboards to let the students make exercises on the blackboard while having fun, furthermore it’s possible to project a video with the l.i.m..

In some lighter classrooms instead the students have a basic tablet where it’s possible to straight do the homeworks. But the technology for the school will bring us many other surprises.

The technology in the school of the future

By considering that the jobs of the future will be ever more focused on the digital we quickly understand the need to properly teach the nowadays students.

These are the topics approached by the Bett (British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London, in the edition of the 2020. The fair became a global reference for who realizes digital training courses. In this edition there were 850 companies and 34 thousand teachers.

school of the future
The interactive multimedia blackboard o l..m. that starts to be available inside the italian schools

The school became so a real business. Because the mission is the one to give to every student the right instruments to enrich their own culture. Furthermore there is a close link between technological growth and the need of new young and fresh minds that further enrich them. A virtuous circle where it’s possible to discover always new technologies and solutions.

But the real business isn’t the one abut the sale of the products to the schools, but the one to develop new technologies and job opportunities right thanks to the young students. By activating so a new economic and social growth.

The main point is the one to help all the students to finish their own training course and to improve the ones that have particualt skills. It will so be a technology that will support the teachers that don’t want to renew themselves, but even that have the right skills to do it if they are supported. To improve an institution important for every country.

So it’s the key: being able to renew at least mentally all the group of teachers and let them finally being lined up with the needs of the new young: which are smarter, more technological and active, which aren’t afraid about the changing.

The videogames in the tommorow school

In the school of the future the videogames will be used to learn something real. An example is the really famous title Minecraft. In this videogame it’s possible to grow apple trees only using the Java coding and the fun isn’t the one to learn how to code, but to see our own results on the screen: the biggest fruit garden between all the players.

After all it’s only to make possible an old thing that didn’t enter yet inside the schools: learn while doing.

school of the future
A screenshot of the videogame known between the youngest ones Minecraft, here in the Educational version

We always infact rely too much to the books and to the paper to learn. Right Minecraft has an Educational version which is able to transform every subject in practice and to develop the cooperation between the students. This videogame can be used to subjects that go from the history, to the religion but even to the agriculture.

The future of the school so will probably pass even through videogames and programs which are able to make the experience more interactive without forget the informations. A way so which doesn’t semplify the school, but improve it and become ever more prepared for the job’s world.

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