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Asus Zenbook 13 the touchpad becomes screen

Asus ZenBook with 13 inches

Here you have the new compact and practical notebook by Asus, with 13,3 inches screen and it’s equipped with a special touchpad to be even more performing, this allows to enlarge the possibility of usage of the notebook. Asus zenbook 13 is an ultrabook that will amaze you for practicality and versatility.

Zenbook 13

In the family ZenBook we have many interesting products, besides the only typical screen like the other competitors, like for example the ZenBook Flip a convertible with the screen that rotates of 360 degrees, which is able to transform itself in a tablet with a gesture. Or the ZenBook S with the size extremely reduced besides to be ultralight. The ZenBook Pro, between the most powerful models, has between its models the Duo equipped with a further screen between the keyboard and the main display.

The ZenBook 13 instead has a very particular touchpad, infact it’s called ScreenPad and it can transform itself from touchpad to a second screen. This model joins the compact sizes and a weight that facilitates the daily carry, with the perfect space for the viewing on the screen.

asus zenbook 13
The ScreenPad allows to enlarge the possibilities of usage of the normal touchpad

The processor of the ZenBook 13 is an Intel Core i7-8565U with technology quad core, the graphic card instead is a NVIDIA GeForce MX250 that allows performances suitable with a notebook of this kind. Especially the closeness of the processor Intel Core i7-8565U and the card NVIDIA GeForce MX250 creates an interesting performing level, especially by considering the total size of the notebook. Thanks to this combination it’s possible to use this notebook even for long game sessions.

The ZenBook 13 is available even in other versions with ten generation processor Intel Core, the Core i7-10510U and the Core i5-10210U. These models, always quad core, have a productive technology at 14 nanometers.

The Ram is a DDR4-2400 with 8 Gigabyte while the internal memory is a SSD of 512 Gygabyte. This notebook then has many connection doors, one USB of first generation Type-A and one of second generation Type-C, they are both 3.2, one door USB 2.0, then an HDMI standard useful to project on the televisions or on another screen even in high definition. There are then a reader Micro SD and a jack audio combo, besides than an antenna bluetooth 5.0.

Characteristics of the new model Asus

The ZenBook 13 is a very strong notebook, thanks even to the external structure which is fully in metal, the total weight is about 1,2 kg. The chassis has a finish in brushed paint, which is pleasant for the sight, that will be surely cover any signs of the time, much better compared with a bright finish.

A particular that underline the research behind this model is the edge of the screen that, once opened, creates a point leverage for the keyboard. This means that the keyboard, at opened screen, doesn’t result stuck on the table, but lightly sloping so to make the digiting more pleasant.

asus zenbook 13
The monitor is a point of leverage to rise the keyboard which is so more confortable

Right about the keyboard of the ZenBook 13 we find many special keys, together with the function keys, all the keyboard is then backlit for a higher confort of writing even in lack of light.

But let’s talk about the ScreenPad, a screen of 5,56 inches with a resolution 2.160×1.080 pixel. It’s equipped with a glass cover to be used even as a touchpad or as a second screen, always touch. Asus created a serie of utility right to better use the ScreenPad.

For example Quick Key allows to use the ScreenPad like a shortcut for processes like the copy and paste. Hanwriting instead allows to use the ScreenPad like a pad, to take notes or to draw. But these are only some examples about how can be used this added screen.

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