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Fortnite to fight the climate change

Fortnite to fight the climate change

Everyone, even the less accustomed to the videogames’ world, know the phenomenon Fortnite. It is the game of the moment, the game that passed all and that always in someway do talking. There is who transformed it in a real job, who dedicates just some matches to it.

The videogamers of Fortnite are 250 million in the world. It was released only in the 2017, in the 2018 it earned already more than 3 billions of dollars, by becoming the most lucrative, even being generally free. And the 2019 will be not different. Everyone likes Fortnite, even scientists, psychologists, geologists and climatologists, which study it and use it to communicate to the young videogamers.

Climate Fortnite Squade

A group of climatologists decided to use the videogame of the moment to study and to explain the climate change. It is the team Climate Fortnite Squade, which is made up to eminent climatologists and scientists of the global panorama.

The scientists play to Fortnite

They came together with the purpose to do scientific dissemination to the teenagers. But how to arrive to the younger ones nowadays? Through what keeps them stucked on the big and small screens, like the videos of their favorites. And between the favorites of the teenagers we can’t miss the bigger videogamers of Fortnite, that transmit their videos in streaming on Twitch.

So this group of scientists created a team and together they play and they film their matches, by enriching them with a little bit of scientific dissemination, about the most important problems of the moment.

Firstly we find Henry Drake, doctor in oceanographic to the MIT, which says to dedicate at least a couple of hours, every sunday, to Fortnite.

Next to him there are Peter Griffith, founder and director of the Carbon Cycle and Ecosistems Office of the NASA, and many other important american climatologists.

Study and explain the climate change through Fortnite

What do the climatologists do together every sunday? They spend a couple of hours to the videogames of the moment, by recording their matches and by sharing them on Twitch, the most used channel by the gamers of Fortnite. While playing they talk about the climate change, they analize the causes and they anticipate the possible effects. Anyone that follow them can ask something about it. At the middle of the session, then, the scientists stop the game to answer to the questions.

Henry Drake
Henry Drake plays to Fortnite

I think that the climate change is the most urgent and essential problem that the human beings are facing today. I think that it will definy the geopolitic of the world of the twenty-first century as well as the World Wars and the Cold War definied the Twenty”, claims Drake.

The experiment is going well, we earn followers every weeks on Twitter, Youtube and Twitch. And we received much support by the viewers and by the people of the videogames and the climatology world”, goes on Drake.

Furthermore Fortnite, besides to be the most followed videogames of the moment, it’s perfect for how it’s structured. The gamers, infact, live the climate change, by sharing an ever smaller territory, close in the grip of the toxic cloud, forced to kill each other to survive.

I’m afraid that there won’t be a better description of the twenty-first century”.

Not only the climate change

The Climate Fortnite Squade isn’t the only group of scientists that decided to interact with the teenagers through Fortnite. There are many scientists that play to it, they study it and they use it to do scientific dissemination and not only.

Climate change
Explain the climate change through the videogames

The psychologists use it to understand from where its incredible and sudden success come from and the effects that it has on the teenagers’ psyche, with a strong attention about the addiction’s problem.

While the geologists took advantages from the meteorites rain of the season 4 to explain the phenomenon to the teenagers. On Fortnite the game’s territory was strongly signed by the meteorites’ rain which left craters on the whole surface. “Even our planet was bombed by massive meteorites and asteroids which signed the terrestrial surface”, what better answer to explain the topic if not that with a practical event on the videogames of the moment?

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