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Dark: the Netflix serie between past, present and future


If you love the tangled TV series, of which events are chained and indivisible from each other. If you like to wrap your head by trying to connect the events, without distract yourself not even for a second, because that second might hide the secrets of the whole story. And you love to look for a sense hidden behind every action. If you don’t watch it only to watch but you really want to understand if everything can be reliable in the reality. If you love all of it and much more, and you aren’t afraid about lose yourself behind a complicated TV serie, with the unpredictable aspects which will leave you without words and probably, a little bit upset, so Dark is the right choice for you.

Dark: the TV serie

Dark is a german TV serie, Netflix original, of the 2017. The filming started in the 2016 and the 1° of December of the 2017 was broadcast the first season, composed by 10 episodes. Shortly after Netflix announced the second season, released on the platform the 21st of June of the 2019, with 8 new episodes.

Already before the publishing of the second season the most famous streaming’s platform of the world announced the renewal even for a third season.

Dark – The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning

So all the passionated could follow the second season with the heart a little bit lighter, while knowing that this won’t be the last one. Even if it would seem that the third season will be, instead, the last one.

While the fans were going to devour the second season, near Berlin was already starting the filming of the third season, which will be available on Netflix during the next year. For who remained with no words by the revelations of the season just ended, so, we still have a long year in front of us.

The story

We are in the german city of Winden, a small mountain centre, which peace was shattered by the disappearing of a child and the discovery of the body of another one.

But the events start since the beginning to be really intrigued, by revealing secrets and by bringing back events which date back to many years before.

Strange phenomenons, infact, are happening in Winden, like the plague of birds or the electromagnetic pulses which cause mysterious lowering of electricity.


However it isn’t the first time that those things take place, many people, infact, remember those events, as well as they remember the disappearance and the death of other childrens, but this happened 33 years before.

In Winden, infact, there might be a time door, but how was it create? What does the near nuclear plant matter? And why the protagonists’ lifes are so inseparable from each other?

Some of the citizens of Winden learnt how to move through the time. The events of the first season of Dark take place in the 1953, in the 1986 and in the 2019. While the events of the second season are extended much more, by arriving to touch the future, in the 2052 and a much more remote past, the 1921. Always with a regular frequency of 33 years.

The time travel according to Dark

It’s never easy to talk about the topic of the time travel. There are so many variants to which we aren’t able to give an explanation that come into the game. However Dark always tries to give an answer to the doubt and to clarify those mysterious phenomenons.

The whole story, infact, is developed by considering two theories about the time travels: the self-consistency principle and the predestination paradox.

The figures, infact, are able to move through the time, but not to change the course of events, because the past is immutable and whatever they try to do won’t change the future, because, probably, it already happened exactly in the same way.

Can we change the past?

It is the predestination paradox, you can’t change the events, you can only steer into them and make sure that everything goes like it always went. And who knows if you won’t know that it was right you to create your destiny, decades before.

Is there nothing, so, that the protagonists can do to change the course of events? Maybe yes, the time can even be immutable but, for the ones who saw the last episode of the second season, know that are going to come into the game other elements besides the time travels, which are ever more complicated and intrigued.

Sic Mundus Creatus Est – So the world was created

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