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Hollywood, the new Netflix serie

The new netflix serie tv: Hollywood

Maybe many wondered if it was a spin-off of Big Bang Theory, but it’s not it is the new Netflix serie: Hollywood, even if one of the actors is the famous Jim Parsons, the story is completelly different.

Netflix goes in Hollywood

Many infact were a little bit confused when they saw him, because Parsons became famous thanks to the long serie Big Bang Theory, sitcom with nerd jokes which is not for everyone, to which the actor is very attached.

Parsons so is trying to take the distance from his main character after 279 episodes, for a time frame that goes from the 2007 to the 2019.

The cast of the Netflix serie: Hollywood
The cast that plays young actors and filmmakers searching for luck in the new Netflix serie: Hollywood

And he does it with the author of American Horror Story, Pose, Glee, and so much more, Ray Murphy. He together with Ian Brennan creates a tale on a past canvas: what would happen in the ’40s if in Hollywood there were more women, if the community LGBTQIA+ wasn’t forced to hide themselves and the different races, unless the caucasian, weren’t a problem?

Sure it can appear an utopian such different than the reality that, as well as some Tarantino’s movies like Inglorious Basterds or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, at the end it can leave a sour taste.

But the Netflix serie Hollywood is much more. We need infact to consider it as a meta-serie which writes the traits of the film industry during its golden age.

The story

We are in Los Angeles at the end of the Second World War. The protagonists are a group of actors which are still unknown and together with some filmmaker are looking for the road to success in Hollywood. We are in the ones that today is called the Golden Age, that though hides many traps.

serie netflix hollywood
The actor Jacke Picking is Roy Fitzgerald alias Rock Hudson in the Netflix serie Hollywood

The system in unfair, there is a lot of discrimination about gender and race, furthermore there are many problems with which they have to face if someone finds out that they have a not standard sexuality.

But our heros go on, and they turn the tables by describing a world where, still today, isn’t possible to see everything.

Curiosities about the serie

The serie travels between fantasy and reality, infact, when it’s possible, it uses true events.

Like the tragic story of Peg Entwistle that killed himself in the 1932 by jumping down from the H of the written Hollywoodland on the mountain Lee in Los Angeles.

Another true fact is that the famous Rock Hudson was in reality called Roy Fitzgerald (in the serie played by Jacke Picking) and that had success thanks to the casual meeting with the agent Henry Willson. But here the story is coloured with fakes, no coming out for Rock in the reality. Otherwise Willson suggested him the opposite, so Rock married his secretary to finally stop the rumors about him.

serie netflix hollywood
In the Netflix serie Hollywood Jim Parsons is Henry Wilson, the agent that brought Rock Hudson to the success

Anna May Wong was really the first asiatic actress to have success. She was tired about the usual roles and she arrived so in Europe where she was able to obtain a character in Shanghai Express by Josef von Sternberg, together with Marlene Dietrich.

Who didn’t love Mami in Gone with the wind? Hattie McDaniel won the Oscar as best not protagonist actress right for that role. In the serie, instead, she is played by Queen Latifah.

A special attention was given even to the cast choice, we must notice infact the similarity between the famous faces of the past and their modern actors.

Let’s come back so to our Sheldon alias Jim Parsons that compared with the original Henry Willson is perfectly alike.

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