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Fast Laughs, the new function of Netflix

Fast Laughs

The modern life is fast and frenetic. What we need is something fast, compact and minimal. As much in the real life as in the digital one. That’s why TikTok had this big success. And with it all the ones that tried to imitate it, like Instagram, with the Reels. Now to try to do it it’s Netflix, with Fast Laughs.

The digital life few seconds at once

TikTok revolutionazed the digital world and, especially, the one of the social networks. With the birth of the social networks it was birth even a new way to “stalking” the people. Obviusly we aren’t talking about comminting a crime, but only about a little bit of innocent gossip.

Fast Laughs
Netflix launches Fast Laughs, a new function that imitates TikTok

With the advent of Facebook meet a person, or try to find out something about him, meant look for him on the social network. But to do it, often it wasn’t so easy. We had to scan all the common friends, scroll the pages that he liked, even because sometimes the users don’t even have their real name.

Hours and hours on Facebook to scan every detail of the life of the others. Today, after a decade and a half of social network, the digital world changed. Today we live few seconds at once. The time of a video on TikTok, so.

And it was like that that TikTok completely revolutionized the social world. Scrolling between thousands of videos, that repeat forever. However in this “endless” we can make a jump of only few minutes, because we only need few seconds to enter in the lifes of the others.

And this new way to live the digital life captured everyone. Even Netflix that, in reality, isn’t a social network. But, it seems, that it wants to be.


Netflix is launching Fast Laughs, but before of it it’s the most famous and used platform of streaming of the world. It’s especially famous for the many Tv Series that we can find in it, many of them Netflix originals.

Fast Laughs videoclip
Fast Laughs has hundreds of videoclips inspired by the movies and the tv series of the catalogue Netflix

Netflix was born in the 1998 and not everyone knows that at the beginning it rented Dvds, like a Blockbuster. But it did the quantum leap in the 2008, when the world of the renting was disappearing and with it all the companies that worked with it.

Instead to fail, like all the others, Netflix became a world phenomena, becoming the first service of streaming online on demand, available through subscription.

Fast Laughs

And let’s, finally, arrive to Fast Laughs, the new functions launched by Netflix. It’s pieces of movies and tv series which are available in the catalogue, which will be available with an endless scroll of mini clips, exactly like TikTok.

Fast Laughs
Fast Laughs, the new function of Netflix, will be soon available for all

Obviusly, the main difference with the social network, is that the videoclips won’t be made by the users, but there will be only available pieces of movies and tv series.

About 100 clips per day, with a last between the 15 and the 45 seconds each one. The pieces will be available in the section and they can be scrolled, or we can watch them as an endless flow of videoclips, exactly like TikTok.

On Fast Laughs there will only be piece of tv series or movies available on the catalogue of Netflix. Between the first ones already available there are Big Mouth, Never Have I Ever or Schitt’s Creek.

Furthermore, it will be possible to interact with them, like on a social, by leaving a like or with another reaction to the video, by commenting or sharing it.

The launch of Fast Laughs

At the moment Fast Laughs is only available on the United States of America and in the United Kingdom and only for the users iOs. But Netflix says that very soon it will be available for everyone.

According to what said by the company the purpose of Fast Laughs won’t be only to entertain the users as long as possible, but even the one to help them to choose the next tv serie to watch.

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