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The competition of the streaming platform during the quarantine

Streaming platforms in quarantine

Until a short time ago to the question “Who is the king of the streaming?” we’d have no doubts to answer that, the undisputed king of the streaming, was Netflix. But can we say the same thing today? The streaming platforms are much more: Amazon Prime Video, Infinity, Now Tv, Hulu, Apple Tv +, Tim Vision, Disney +. Right this one was released during the quarantine that we lived in the last months. But what happened to the streaming platforms during the lockdown?

Netflix isn’t alone anymore

Netflix opened the doors to the streaming service, but now that it isn’t alone anymore the competitors are fierce. The costs are more or less the same ones, the battle, so will be fought on another field. But which one?

Netflix, the king of the streaming

The fight to the best movie to release, some titles are on the catalogues of many platforms, but others are available only on one of them. And it’s like that that, for example, if we would like to watch our favourite tv serie, but even some Disney movie together with the children, we are forced to subscribe two subscription, and not only one.

Every streaming platform has their own characteristics, we must choose which is the best for us. Netflix is the undisputed king of the tv serie. Furthermore, its strong suit, is a very large catalogue of original titles. Many of the movies and of the tv series, infact, are exclusive Netflix! And this is something that the other platforms don’t have yet.

Prime Video is very close, for its characteristics, to Netflix, but the catalogue is completely different, so be careful before to choose.

There is then Dazn, the streaming platform for the sport. Infinity, that, unlike Netflix, is focusing more on the cinema than on the tv series. But be careful, because some tv serie that are missed on Netflix there are, instead on Infinity.

There is, finally, Disney + that, without any doubt, is the best platform for the cinema for the whole family. Its catalogue includes all the productions Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic.

So how can choose with which one of them we will spend the quarantine?

Streaming platforms and quarantine

For the streaming platforms the quarantine was really a gold age. An increasing of the ratings unprecedent for all the platforms. As much as that some of them had to reduce the video quality to avoid the risk to overload the servers and blow it all.

Streaming platforms
Which is the best streaming platform?

We are talking about Netflix, that reduced of the 25% its bitrate, to continue to guarantee to all a quarantine between a tv serie and another. But even Youtube, that reduce the definition of its own videos.

Even Disney +, that debuted right during the quarantine reduced its own bitrate of the 25%.

It’s been very a lot the ones that decided to spend the quarantine on the sofa, in front of the tv, with the help of a streaming platform. According to a survey the italians during the quarantine spent five hours and half on a streaming platform, through the tv or every other device.

The numbers speak clear: during the quarantine Netflix had an increase of the views of the +332%, while Prime Video of the 266%.

All of it, obviusly, even though all the sets are currently closed. So, there isn’t any new programs. But the catalogues are so large that a whole quarantine won’t be enough to watch all the tv serie.

The solidarity initiatives of the streaming platforms

As well as everyone, even the streaming platforms helped the users closed at home because of the coronavirus. And so here you have the solidarity initiatives that, besides to bring many advantages to their own users, let the approvale rating goes up, by burying the competitors.

Disney +
Disney + debuts during the quarantine

At the beginning of the quarantine, for example, Amazon Prime Video made available the service for free in the red areas. But with the increasing of the epidemic and the increasing of the red area the free service was stopped.

On Apple Channel, instead, Starzplay is available for just 0,99 euros per month for the first three months. insted of the normal cost of 4,99 euros per month.

Infinity, instead, unlike to give the normal free month trial, in this occasion gives two of them.

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