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Curon the italian Netflix serie

The serie tv Curon

An italian TV serie arrives on Netflix, it makes people talk a lot about it: it is Curon, let’s find out about what we are talking about.

Curon, the new serie Netflix

It is the fifth original italian serie realized by Netflix, produced by Indiana Productions. It is aimed to a young audience, like even the other previous series, but the story, unlike the others, has something spectral and thriller.

It happened to many italians to heard about the leggends connected to the lakes. There is who claims that there is an underwater city (even if there isn’t), whi thinks that fantasic monsters appear and like in this case, that the bell tower is haunted.

It is infact inspired to the local folklore of the area where it’s been realized, the new Netflix serie, a town in the Trenino-Alto Adige, preciselly Curon Venosta. Filmed by Fabio Mollo and Lydia Patitucci, the story instead is written by Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano, led by the head Writer Ezio Abbate that built a stroy a bit more fantasy.

The story

Anna Raina is a woman from Milan with two twins: Mauro and Daria, both teenagers. For personal problems, she decided to come back (after almost 17 years) to her birthplace: Curon, a mountain town that faces a lake surrounded by a wild environment. Anna run away from the town after the brutal death of her mother.

Curon serie
The lake becomes a mysterious place in the new Netflix serie teen Curon

The grandfather Thomas known the new tryes to convince Anna, in the town infact after the death of the grandmother no one want to see them, but nothing seems to convince Anna that goes there anyway. So the family reaches Curon and the strange and creepy hotel of the grandfather. The guys once arrived starts soon to explore, while Anna shortly disappear mysteriously.

The two guys go so to the research of the disappeared mother, but their wander in the town let arise new mysteries. They find out that they have to manage an important heritage.

The real story

The serie Curon has the charm of Curon Venosta, in Trentino, preciselly in the autonomus province of Bolzano that faces on a glass of water. The lake is called Resia and it’s artificial: it was realized infact to produce electricity. The works to realize a big dam to connect three natural lakes very close between each other date back to the 1950: they were the lake of Resia, the lake of Curon and the lake San Valentino alla Muta.

curon the serie
The underwater bell tower is surely an amazing attractive of the town Curon Venosta

But the operation literally submerge 163 houses and 523 acres of growth. The new lake covers 6 kilometers of width and one in the deepest point.

Many of the 163 houses were rebuilt on the mountain, but from the lake always emerged the bell tower of the old Curon. Even though it’s been years, the citizens of the area still claiming that, when the wind blows, it’s possible to hear the bells ring.

The critics to the serie Curon

Even though it is a Netflix product and the environment deserves because it’s a ghost city under a lake, the serie doesn’t really convince.

Surely it’s because it did a step forward compared with the previous serie Black Moon (always on Netflix) but it must compete with products like Les Revenats (to which many take inspiration). Even though this, maybe because they are really twins or maybe only for luck, the two main actors are able to keep the story that doesn’t convince by bringing to the end the first serie.

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