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The new fantasy TV series coming out

Carnival Row

This august is a real show for the fantasy lovers. Infact two new series are provides: Carnival Row and Dark Crystal. But not only, really soon there will be important news for who likes this genre. We suggest so a selection of the best fantasy TV series to enjoy in this ending of summer.

Carnival Row

The first season of Carnival Row will be available from today 30th of august on Amazon Prime. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne will be the protagonists.

It takes place in victorian era, with carriages, gramophones, bowler hats, but even fairies and mythical creatures.

They run away from their homeland which was destroied by the war, they now have to deal with the human prejudice. A fusion between past and fantasy, with noir drawn.

Dark Crystal: The resistence

Like answer to Carnival Row there is the first season of Dark Cristal, which will be available on the competitor Netflix from today too, friday 30th of August.

dark crystal
A scene from the fantasy TV serie Dark Crystal

The story might be a prequel of the movie of the 1982 made by Jim Henson and Frank Oz: Dark Crystal. They are both realized with the usage of puppets, the prequel is full of advanced special effects.

The world of Thra is breaking down, the Truth Crystal was damaged by the evil Skeksis. The battle started when three Gelfling find out the truth about what happened to the Crystal.

Basically a complete perfect fantasy that throw us inside an unknown world, it’s suggested the wiew to understand the incredible work behind this serie.

The Witcher

The first season of The Witcher will be available at the end of the 2019 on the platform Netflix. With Henry Cavill, Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra in the main roles, it sees as directors: Alik Sahharov (The Games of Throne) Alex Garcia Lopez (Luke Cage) and Charlotte Brändström (Outlander).

It’s based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowsky and on the next videogames, now it’s even a fantasy TV serie. It tells the adventures of Heralt of Rivia, one of the last monsters hunters of his era, and of Ciri a princess able to get throw the time and the space.

fantasy tv serie
The first images of The Witcher with Henry Cavill

The announced fantasy TV series

First of all there is The Lord of the Rings, the serie will takes place during the second Middle-Earth age, and it will be produced by Amazon. It is divided in more seasons, probably they will be five, it is realized in cooperation with Tolkien Estate, Harper Collins and New Line Cinema and it is provides for the 2021.

Shadow and Bone will be a fantasy TV serie, it is based on a young adult trilogy, which became a cult in the last years. It is realized by Netflix and it takes place in a fantasy world that remember the Russia of the XVII century, which is divided by a mysterious break in the ground that divides the population.

It won’t be missed monsters and mysterious creatures and the protagonist, Alina, will try to defend the world from the evil. The title is already present in the database of Netflix but there isn’t yet an official releasing date.

If, instead, you miss the Games of Thrones there is a great new: HBO is working on a serie which takes place ten thousand years before the rebellion of Robert. It will take place in the period remembered as the Long Night, when the Big Winter arrived for the first time in the world.

The story so will be placed in the Eroes Age. In the cast there will be Naomi Watts, Josh Whitehouse and Jamie Campbell Bower, while the director will be S.J. Clarkson.

Finally, last years have been bought the rights of the seven books of the Chronicles of Narnia of C.S. Lewis (of which it’s been already made the first adaptations) by Netflix, which is planning to produce both some movies, and a serie (by probably including a prequel about the Wizard’s grandson).

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