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Smart holiday: accessories for a hi-tech sunbathing

Reading in the pool

In the holidyas time there are smart accessories able to let us relax ever more: from the swimsuit equipped with UV sensors to the waterproof eReader, here you have the best hi-tech ideas for some smart holidays.

Hi-tech holidays: the smart accessories to relax

Summer, beach umbrella and book: the best way to find the peace after a year of work. But if you want to be really smart and read on a mattress with the feet in the pool, it’s better to choose a waterproof e-reader. The top of the line by Kobo it’s called Forma and it is waterproof.

It allows up to 60 minutes of underwater reading (until a maximum depth of 2 meters), if you really are avid readers. Otherwise it will allow you to easily read by the poolside without the anxiousness to ruin your dear reader.

Smart holidays
Kobo Forma the waterproof e-reader

The display is eInk paper of 8 inches and it weights only 197 gramms, with the possibility to choose between 11 characters and 50 different sizes. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connective and it is available the model with 8 or 32 Gb.

For who instead can’t stand under the sun and the summer torrid heat, Hereta made an innovative portable fan which will produce a light breeze even when not even a leaf moves.

During the night then with 26 mini leds it would give even a perfect light point if you are camping. All of it though in the environment respect for smart and eco-compatible holidays.

It uses infact the solar panels on its back which allow the fan to self sustaining itself and to fuel even the smartphone if we need it.

For the more atlethics

For who doesn’t give up the exercises even during the holidays, here you have the smart watch totally waterproof perfect to swim: Swimmo. It is able to check the number of pools, the speed, the heart beats and the burnt calories.

Thanks to the app you should even have useful suggests to improve your own performance, but it is possible even to challenge the other users of the app in real speed’s challenges.

Smart holidays
The smartwatch for the swim lovers swimmo

If instead you prefere the diving and you would like to shot some underwater picture, Huawei thought to a waterproof case for the model P30 Pro.

It is safe until the 10 meters of depth for 60 minutes, it is equipped with external sensors to easily start the camera, to do a selfie in the depth blue.

For who chooses the holidays on bike (but in reality it’s useful for the whole year) there is the smart bag eelo Cyglo: which is equipped with a display on which is possible to see the turns and to be visible even during the night thanks to the reflective material.

It’s manageble through the wireless remote to place on the handlebar, to be much more visible in every climate condition.

Smart holidays: safety under the sun

Many are the apps that can help us during the holidays, The Roche-Posay created one of them, together with a kind of patch, which is able to releave if the sun exposure is correct.

The patch, which is really thin, has to be applied directly on the skin (maybe of the whole family) and it is perfectly waterproof.

After that we apply the sun cream even on top of the patch and, periodically, we scan it with the dedicated app.

Tha app, thanks to the datas previously written, will give a feedback in real time just by looking to the patch and making a picture.

In this way you should understand if you need to apply again the cream and if the protection level chosen is the correct one.

Smart holidays
The tech swimsuit with uv ray sensor

With the same principle, there is even the swimsuit Neviano by Spinali Design, which integrates an UV sensor which is able to connect itself to the app.

Even in this case it’s possible to have the details of the sun exposure and if there is the need to newly apply the protection.

The swimsuit Neviano is perfect for who wants to protect himself from the dangerous UV rays without renouncing to the style, to live smart and chic holidays.

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