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Summer holidays: 10 apps that can give us support

The apps for the summer holidays

We are now in the middle of the summer and there is who already left with the first sun rays, who is waiting for the month of July or who for August, brave and fearless between the crowd of the mid August. Even if we will go to the beach, in the mountain or in the art cities, everything must be perfect. And what is better to let us get close to the perfection than the help given by the technology? Which is the first object that we put in the bag? Without any doubt the smartphone, but in order that it makes its job brilliantly, we have to fill it with the apps for the summer holidays.


First step of the holiday: prepare the luggages. Are you used to make a list about what to bring too, even if at the end, inevitably, we forget something? PackPoint it’s going to help us. It will be enough to say to the app where we will go during those summer holidays and it will suggest us the right list of what to bring.

The apps for the summer holidays


While going away from our birthplace, to go in the place chosen for our summer holidays, we will need without any doubt a valid gps.

A really good alternative to the classic Google Maps is Waze, which has a really huge community that will keep us constantly upgraded about the traffic situation, the accidents, but even the roadblocks, for example, or the speed camera.

Settle Up

Will our holiday be a friend trip? No problem we won’t need to spend all the time to make mathematics to share the costs.

To do it will be Settle Up, it will be enough to write all the datas requested and it will say us how much everyone of us will have to pay.


If we’ve chosen to spend our summer holidays in an art city, we must prepare ourselves to use the public transport. They could even be reduced in the hottest months, when the schools and the offices are closed.

But no worries there is more than one app that will help us with trains, buses, underground, tram, etc, like Moovit.

Around Me

Perfect, now we were able to prepare the luggages, to make the trip and to go around with the public transports, but what will we see during our stay?

Some apps, like Around Me, can help us to find out which are the attractions to visit around us.


Obviusly in the digital era all we need before to set a foot anywhere, is the support of the whole community online.

No one will never choose a hotel or will eat in a restaurant, without reading and listening the opinions of the others. For this there is Tripadvisor, which now became such popular that doesn’t need any presentation.


If the one that we are looking for is a travel app at 360° this is for sure Momondo, which gives us the possibility to book the trip and many suggestes. It is between the most loved ones. But on the same kind we find even Skyscanner, for example, and many others.

The apps for the summer holidays

Wolfram Sun Exposure

Did we, finally, choose that the most suggestive destination for our summer holidays is the sea? No problems, there are many apps exclusively dedicated to our beach holidays.

Wolfram Sun Exposure is a really interesting app. At the beginning it will ask us to write some datas, after that it will check the condition of the sun rays to then suggest us when and how long we will have to stay under the sun.

Google Skymap

But the beach isn’t amazing only during the daytime but even, and maybe especially, during the night. Would we like to spend a romantic night to see the stars, while laying on a white beach, but we aren’t rightly an astronomous?

No problems Google Skymap will help us to look the sky through a stars map.


Finally, Playaya is the sharing that we missed! In a world that would like to change and break down the consumerism under the name of sharing, the sharing of this summer holidays sees as protagonists the beach umbrellas!

From one side there is who doesn’t want to spend so many money for just a couple of hours in the beach, to the other side there is who spend money for the whole period but needs to go away for a while. Playaya helps both of them and it allows to sublet the beach umbrellas.

Playaya, the beach sharing
Playaya, the beach sharing

Are you ready for the holidays?

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